Grandmother`s sofa #15

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Friday 11th of March 2005 12:44:14 PM


Michael Haydon
3/3 Too much in your face. But then you already know that.

Alessandro Saccardo
dream igor, emotional, very emotional. congrats

John Smith
Hiding thoughts There is something to this photo... The girl has her legs open, showing off her sex, but her face is hidden and her elbows are "closed up" arround her face. It is subtle, but it makes me wonder what she is thinking ... I don't think she is thinking about sex at all...

Jacob Kane
Controversy... While I am new to photography I always felt that sign of good art was to spark controversy and debate. This photo certainly fits that bill w/ the conversations back and forth, even the ones who dont like it have strong feelings about it. So dosnt that make it fit the description of art, stirring some form of emotion... Just my 2 cents. Really enjoy your work. ~jake

Juan F. Jimenez
beautiful wow

Daniel Benoit
All this is saying is do me. Not art. Try again. Get some different backdrops to while your at it.

Christopher Waldvogel
your model has a beautiful figure...but I think I would have liked her over to the side of the couch, or crop severly from the left and make it portrait oriented...

Geoff Powers
I feel like I should be wearing rubber gloves and asking her if she could scoot forward a little. This is a bit TOO much.

Chris P. Sampson
Erotica for sure... To try and go beyond what has been said, I think she would be much better if placed to the left of the couch...with her right leg then framing the left side and her left leg exploring the open space. Cheers

7/7 Daniel,if you see this image and think about pure sex you have a problem and need some therapy. This image says so much more than "fuck me", sorry for you. Igor, you are the best.

Giorgio Gruizza
7/7 Very strong and provocative, very aesthetical, very sexual and very, very, very artistic !!

Why 6/6 the world is hastily upset about "sexual" elements of a beautiful form - casted from nature and art? How artistic can we, when love is being made...? When "art" can be defined - then "art" is no longer....

Joe Weisbrod
Overtly...Expressive? One of the criteria that I like to look for is an expressiveness to a pose. Are we able to look at a personality inside a nude body? I think yes. Is it always necessary to conceal some element, be it figure, or limb, or hair, or "gender organ," or or or or ...? I think no. Is this pose overtly sexual? I don't think so. Is the photo overtly sexual? My own opinion is that it is not even though it is possible to hide very effectively behind one's nudity.

Daniel Mejias
Hello Igor, Outstanding composition and original posing!

Daniel Benoit
If a man looks at this and does not think sex, I would suggest he is the one that needs the thearpy. And If he does not admit it I would suggest that the only person he is fooling is himself. Sorry. Look through and you will find some real artistic nudes if you need some examples to go by.

Igor Amelkovich
Well, why some do not love sex... Or do not admit it? Or are afraid?

Abdul Smith
so are we saying that sex cannot be art too? i am amazed by some of the comments here. i think this is a great shot.

Thomas Collins
Igor, for what its worth - I like it very much for exactly what it is :-)

Fran Garcia
very good shoot


Nick Wicked
Sexual, but . . . . . . really evocative. Powerful. And most of all, beautiful. Your work is simply stunning. I am new to photography at this level, and have read with interest the discussion it brings about. I would appreciate any guidance regarding my own efforts, which I have begun to post.

shawn hagedon
very feminine

James B Cooper
To Daniel What's wrong with sex ? Having problems with erotic images? Perhaps you should be in the bird photography section of the galleries. There are plenty of very "stimulating" high class birds and insects in the wining entries of Igor please, for shm*&!s like Daniel put a warning notice for them not to enter your site for it is very unhealthy for them. As for the photo, its a cliche to say it is nice-it is GREAT. You are on the right track with aesthetics. Keep attaching sexuality to your shots like you do. Female body at its best, full of youth, eroticism and form. Stimulating, provocative, beautifull and enough "gunpowder" to unjade the most jaded. P.S. Look who negatively criticizes your photos the most. Most are from developed, English speaking countries ! Surprised ? Since when they became the bearers of world morality ? They are more outspoken against sex then our grandmothers. That is just the tip of the iceberg with Bushism and his mid American mentality to attack self expression.

David Noble
Hmmm... This photograph is proving to be very controversial, so a result there for you Igor. Here's my humble opinion. Yes, the image IS overtly sexual, but at the same time, is highly artistic. Art is in the eye of the beholder. One man's art is another mans eye-sore. Even if I didn't like the image, it would still be art. Photography should be questioning the boundaries of art (and, indeed, taste). This image delivers on both criteria. So I think you should be congratulated on this particular piece of work. Well done.

Igor Amelkovich
You have understood my philosophy to mix all in a photography. And legs can be spread, but it does not mean, that you can have her. She will have you!

Jamie Wright
All Artistic Messages Valid If the ONLY thing this photo says is "fuck me," it is a valid and beatiful message. Sex isn't dirty or base. It is a part of our lives. If we're lucky, it is a BIG part. In this case, model, photo, and lighting are beautiful.

Daniel Benoit
To James B. Cooper You are funny to the point of being rediculous. What a bunch of Nonsense! I would say that if you can't come up with more than a personal attack on a person or his country then one should not say a thing. I mean what else is a male going to think when he sees a female on a couch, legs spread wide open, leaning back and holding her head bracing for the impact. If you are into a sexual pose then so be it. If you want to call this an art form so be it. Just not my Idea of a museam piece thats all I am saying. " Bushism " new word for my vocabulary I guess.

Omega NC
Beautiful shot. Beyond words.

Michael Wilson
LOL, Beautiful.......... I am sorry but i like it.

Bengt Ljungkvist
I am also in b&w with my 503 CW. I have just discovered the power in wide angle and the orange filter. Is that how You do the out-of-door studies? Or maybe You use the Photoshop instead?. The picture(s) are daring and extremely "effective"! As this series of critique shows. Fantastic!

David Allan
sofa #15 I agree with Christopher ... I would move her a little to the left. But this is a powerful photo, textured backdrop included.

Igor Amelkovich
Grandmother`s sofa #15 Studio

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