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Published: Friday 11th of March 2005 04:23:33 AM


Wim Ipenburg
7/7!!!!! So beautiful. The light, colour and composition are so great! Thanks for the attention of the large version.......10/10!!!!!

Robert Marleau
Wilson, I have almost a similar one! I invite you to look at it, yours is very clean and great macro

Alec Ee
Crisp and clean Wilson. The orange background is a bit distracting.

CR: One day, after years, we know the "how". Then the "what" is possible in an unexpected perfect way. Or reverse? Especially impressed by the leaf's composition. BOWED leaf in balance with COLOURED leaf. REgards

Paula Grenside
Wilson, this is lovely; the detail of the antennae, super. The only thing I find distracting is that ornage in the background: too strongly competing in attention with the forground that is excellent.

Howard Dion
I'd say this submission clearly demonstrates your versatility as a photographer. Well done.

Tony Georgiadis
Elegantly perched too Wilson.

Kim Slonaker
If only the orange blob wasn't in the background, this would be perfect, imo. It's pulling my eyes away from the butterfly. But I still really, really like this. Sharp and detailed.

David Koens
Very Nice Picture. Well Done. DK.

Ken Beilman
Wils New lens? Very nicely done. Love the the way the light strikes the leaf. Nice bokeh but maybe just a little grainy? Anyway, very effective crop.

LIU Yuan
Wilson, this is certainly a beautiful addition to your "reflections" and the great perpectives of urban shots. Also think the orange stuff in the center should go.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback HOWARD: Appreciate your comment. KEN: Got this 105 macro at end of last year, but haven't used it much. This was shot at the lowest ISO, could the grain you refered to are actually the water mist, did you get a chance to view larger? Let me know. Thanks. DAVID: Thanks. PETER: Following your lead . . . ^_^ MARINA: Appreciate your feedback. CHRISTOPHER: Water mists from sprinkler nearby. Thanks for your comment and bundle up. ^_^ PAUL: Thanks. It sure has been unseasonably warm around here. We'll pay for it this summer though I'm afraid! JAYME: Thanks for your analysis. I agree. JOS: Thanks. As for the weather, get ready to pay higher water bill! YUAN: Thanks for your insight, Yuan (and also from, "s.a." in which for whatever reason the comment was deleted.) I contemplated about that out-of-focus orange spot back there and thought that it helps echo the shape of the forground leaf as well as keeping the image more vibrant. As it turns out, a few viewers definitely feel it's distracting. I guess I'll post another version without that orange spot later. KIM: Thanks for your comment. Yeah, might have to post a version without the orange background. WIM: Thanks for your enthusiasm. I also feel that the more colorful background makes this different. It would be fun to learn which of the two versions, with and without the orange background, viewers will prefer. ROBERT: Thanks for your comment. Indeed very nice macro images from you as well, Robert (I went through a few last night.) ^_^ ALEC: Thanks for your feedback. Certainly seems to have a handful with similar opinion about the orange background being distracting. I'll post one without it later for comparison sake. PAULA: Thanks for your insight. Again, I must post one without orange background in a bit here. RE: Thanks, Reiner. Always intriquing feedback from you. ^_^ TUHIN: Thanks for your comment. TONY: Appreciate your feedback very much. Wilson ^_^

Marina Cano
Beautiful Wilson. Very well captured.

Tuhin Saha
beautiful and uncommon composition !

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Beautiful composition and DOF. The little yellow leaves and antennae seem to echo each other!

Christopher Appoldt
Dang - what am I seeing spraying around? Really nice, Wilson! Winter has decided to kick us while we're down here in NY - don't think I'll see any of these for a long while, yet.

Dominique Dodge-Wan
I'd be interested to know the distance between camera and butterfly (approx), either from you or other D70+ macro lens users. Thanks.

Jos Van Poederooyen
Perched . . . yes, it has a sense of emminent action...I like the tilt and the wavering antenna. Well Done, Great Weather, eh?

Lucy Hollis
Sorry, I've realised that I am just adding myself to a list of other 'please, no orange in the background if you get a chance for this photo again'! I still find this photo stunning, but primarily for the graceful positioning of the butterful on its leaf and the colour link between the leaf bud and the wing detail and antennae, while blinding myself to the background.

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