"My Home Town"

by Tsoi Wilson

my home town seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 9th of March 2005 05:59:54 AM


Ken Beilman
Wils Fantastic shot. Great detail, lighting, and composition. Looking forward to visting Seattle again this summer.

Richard Hans
Wilson, Fantastic comp. & exposure, nice color tones, I like your city shot!!! 7/7 best regards.

Howard Dion
Wils: I know this is real, but it doesn't look real. Too perfect. Nobody builds and lights cities like this...do they? I think the "1" was a slip of the finger on the mouse. It was a mistake. Of course you can't ask the person because you don't know who it was.

Mujahid Awais
Great Very good creative work, Is it a double expoiure image or using the Ps for Double expoiure effect technique.It is not necessary to image look real, It looks perfect. 7/7

Kim Slonaker
What Howard said... Seriously, Wilson, you are doing a great job on shots of that city of yours.

CR: Should we explain once more that the "originality" doesnt depend merely of the "what" but of the "how" as well? (The originality: 1 rating.) Well, I am very pleased by the RICHNESS of this picture. Futurism and reality - without a break between, a strong mood but clearness as well! REgards

Cherlyn .
Sparkling uncountable city lights liven up a city , giving it life & vitality. Excellent work.

Jonathan Pankhurst
A fantastic shot, I'm sure it would sell on www.photo4me.com keep up the great work! Regards Jon

Lee Jianmin
I love the blue sky and the entire city. The timing for this picture is just perfect. The compositon itself worth 7/7

ershad fatahian
very nice shot

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks so much for your feedback CYRUS: Thank you for your feedback. Please don't surrender and keep at it. ERSHAD: Thanks for commenting. REINER: Always grateful of your feeback. No worries, RE. Just enjoy. ^_^ JONATHAN: Thank you, sir. Not familiar with photo4me.com, guess I gotta check it out? SPENCER: Thanks for your feedback, Spence! PAUL: Thanks, Paul. Indeed both cities are wonderfully close aesthetically as muc as they are geographically. CHERLYN: I certainly appreciate your feedback. KEN: Thanks for your comment. Hopefully I can guide you a bit on your trip? Let me know, Doc. ^_^ HOWARD: Funny you said that because I sometimes wonder that myself. I never knew of this vantage point until this year and it does look too good to be real. Don't worry about the, "1 slip-finger," and just, "enjoy." ^_^ MUJAHID: Thanks for taking a close look. This is a single exposure, thanks to the time of day that really decreased the scene contrast and balancing the ambient and illuminated lighting. PETER: Thanks! Hop right on a plane and make it out here then, hmm? MAX: Thanks for your obeservant analysis. RICHARD: Very glad that it pleases you! KIM: Thanks. Figured after all these years, this is the least I can do. ^_^ FABRIZIO: Thank you, sir. COLIN: Appreciate your feeback! LOU ANN: Sure glad you like it. ^_^ JOE: Holy schmollie, Joe. Thanks for your feedback! NESTOR: Thank you for your comment. I'm sure there are many other angles that I haven't gotten to yet. We'll see! Wilson ^_^

Colin Carron
Nice timing of the twilight.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
An exceptional skyline!!! Bravo!!

Fabrizio Negro
Excellent shot Regards Fabrizio

Max Pizzo
classic picture but for sure a pleasure for my eyes. The flat effect given by the focal lens is great.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Sorry I missed htis one- Looks like something right out of the Jetson's future. Beautifully composed!

Joe Orsak
Wow! Great stuff Wilson. The cropping is spot on. The detail is excellent. A typical "boring" city scape shot done in a way that gives it a non-typical feel and interest. Taking that kind of shot and making it interesting shows your mastery of the subject. Well done.

Nestor Botta
is there any angle from wich you did NOT shoot it? :-)) It's a classic shot, evening light, city landscape, and a photographic eye to catch them in all theirs magnificence. Another wonderfull image.

Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, Thanks. It pretty much looks that way doesn't it?!

You are indeed a talented photographer! Keep the good work up!

William Meyntjens
Brilliant Brilliant picture, the color are so powerfull and the the picture is very clear. It may not be the most original view, but you obviously mastered it.

Wilson Tsoi
"My Home Town." Been here forever, but never took much pictures of it until this past year. Feedback is welcome.

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