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Published: Tuesday 8th of March 2005 10:02:34 PM


Greg Goldstein
Very engaging pose.

Howard Dion
Excellent!!! How you been doing John? Stop by and say hello, it's been awhile.

Darko Kordovan
Very nice John,glad to meet you again...

Paolo Cozzaglio
wonderful, John!

Ken Thalheimer
Very sexy John. A very nicely done piece

Alexander Rainchik
Flash or available light? Thnx!

rod innes
John again a beautiful portrait. Regards Rod

John Peri

Les Berkley
Yum! Well-lit, sexy, real. Good job all round.

Jerry Matchett
John, I recently read a perceptual psychologist's analysis of the enigmatic smile of the famous Mona Lisa and I think his analysis applies to this photograph as well. People, for years, have noticed that the distance away that one views De Vinci's masterpiece matters in the seeing of the furtive smile. If you look at the lips on this photo close up, using the sharply defined sensations of the eye's cental fovea, there is no smile, but if you look at her eye, your peripheral vision of the lips, which is now blurry (out of the fovea) misinterprets it as a smile. If you back up from the image until the fovea includes both the eye and the lips the smile is again absent. Congratulations on capturing a Mona Lisa look! Jerry

John Peri
A woman's smile can be deceitful because it brngs into play not only their mouth, but the eyes, the handas and all the remainder of the body language. Next time you ask a young lady to pose for you, don't listen to the reply, look at the body language for the true answer ...!

Alberto Quintal
John I was missing this beautiful shot, excellent pose and looking!!! Alberto

John Peri
Facing the camera .. ..without a smile the smile is there ..

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