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by Peri John

mc nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 8th of March 2005 06:29:07 PM


Brad Kim
Beautiful with very nice tonality in the image.... Mc is also my favorite among your many models.

John Peri
Thanks Brad. Pointing out the merits of a particular model does render ambiguous the appreciation of a photo of this nature, but I would agree that some subjects have a more charismatic approach to posing than do others, and it shows in the resulting image. Interestingly, I have found that in nude studies however, it is not always the most beautiful or the most slender that come out the best.

Illat Jerome
Yes, she reminds me some of french women. Very class & sexy. Regards, Lurs (french guy)

Ed A
When I think of French women this is how I piture them. 7/7

very classy and sexy,,,,

Joe Baker
nice pose; very good photo, i think seeing her ,very relaxed is a credit to the photographer

Zarko Jelesijevic

Mark Crowley
Favourite model I agree, John, this is your best model.

Steve Ward
sw i certainly hope permission is granted, many times over. it's great that you demonstrate such respect for your models, htere's no doubt that you are"crazy about" them all

John Peri
Reclining nude cont ..... 6 One of my very favourite models, some of whose photos I shall add to my file in small format with her permission ....

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