Legs and feet.

by Amelkovich Igor

legs and feet nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 8th of March 2005 09:43:57 AM


Neal Lantela
Clever. Funny and enigmatic. I'm sorry if it spoils the mystery for anyone, but I can see the nose and mouth through the hair. Was this your intention Igor?

Azriel Abramovich
How many people there? Your models are always extremely capable, good looking, have the ability to produce amazing poses and pass the idea very well. But in this one I want to know - How many models did you use???

I do agree that this is both enigmatic and humorous. Somehow this picture doesn't fit with the other stuff you make.


Arjen van de Merwe
Nice image, a bit enigmatic. The style of the photo is traditional fine art, with the square format, the classic composition and the edges printed in, and stuff. On the other hand the content strikes me as humorous. This paradox makes the image all the more interesting.

Ken Dennis
Like the misty look off in the distance , and the reflections, almost expecting to see Nessie pop up somewhere out there, OOPS! are those bubbles coming up from between her legs? Sorry, just having fun with this one! Ken

Luis Santos
Interesting idea. The model pull her hair to front, right? Simple but very effective.

Afshin Azizi
excellent photo , this photo is really beautyful and fantastic .

Igor Amelkovich
Legs and feet. :-)

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