"Spin City"

by Tsoi Wilson

spin city seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 5th of March 2005 06:56:16 PM


Eran Baruch
Wonderful! An artificial rainbow... Great colors great shot.

Max Pizzo
wow, wonderful play of lights. the effect of the long exposure is amazing

Howard Dion
Newspaper Headline: The Theme Master was in town last night making his dancing light art and ...

Jos Van Poederooyen
Another grat one, Wilson! Love the star motion! As usual, the comp is superb and the colors are fit for a fair.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wow ...! What a Spin !!!

Vincent K. Tylor
This is outstanding. What a lightshow you've put together Wilson. I would really like to be able to see the images without the merging, if you don't mind. I've considered doing the same on occasion, would love to see how much this process can really help make an image successful. Excellent work brah! I don't get to do this every day... 7/7. Aloha.

Lee Jianmin
Just love it. It's so beautifully done.7/7

Ken Beilman
Superb creativity and execution, as usual.

Wilson Tsoi
Vincent, Thanks for checkin' this out. Here are couple main exposures of this shot. It's a gas to play with this, brah. BTW, I've put together some of those tripod thingy that we last discussed about. Might wanna check these out: Canon A80 on Tripod, Canon A80 Handheld, Nikon D70 on Tripod, Nikon D70 Handheld, and Canon G3 on Tripod images.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for the feedback, JOS: I'm really glad you like it! MAX: Thanks for your kind words. Glad that you enjoyed it. HOWARD: Appreciate it. Trust that you've enjoyed this. Wilson ^_^

Marc Aubry
Really a fantastic image.

seckin aziz top
great shot...

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- What a wonderful job of merging 3 photos. You are a master! I can't resist giving my opinion and it's based totally on aesthetic value (WHAT I LIKE). I love 99.9% of all of your images. I think the "value" has nothing to do with tripod vs. handheld. I think it has to do with your choice of composition and your unique vision, as evidenced by the first image I saw that really sticks in my mind, "Aaaahhhh Maui". I remember thinking, WOW, he has really captured the "feeling". If it is of any value, I would actually get in my car and drive at least 50 miles to see your images presented in a gallery showing. And I hate to drive anywhere! So please take that as the ultimate compliment from me!

Vincent K. Tylor
Thanks so much Wilson for posting these originals. I can see why you combined the different densities now. Really high quality work here!! Thanks too for the links. I see you have been using a tripod on and off for some time now. The quality when you do use one is clearly a step up in my opinion. But I reckon the other times you is just having some fun. I get the point. Mahalos again for the reply. Keep up the great stuff here. Aloha.

Kim Slonaker
I love this colorful series. I'm amazed at how many different versions you have!

CR: Congratulations to the graphical decoration of your personal page! REgards

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hi Wils! Although this is a bit like "Space Odyssey", the inclusion of the ferris wheel makes for a much better composition! I really like these most recent two needle abstracts!

Vincent K. Tylor
"I think the "value" has nothing to do with tripod vs. handheld." Sorry Jayme, I would have to disagree. When a tripod is used by Wilson (or most anyone else for that matter) more thought usually goes into creating, and more importantly capturing the image. Also, sharpness has been an issue in my opinion regarding some of his recent, more popular work. I do not see detail/sharpness as being an issue with any of those he posted the links to (above) when using the tripod. Furthermore, what you see here as a j-peg on our monitors, can indeed work to a much greater degree when a bit soft, or even sharpened significantly in Photoshop. However, if you saw many of these same images blown up as a 16x20 at that "gallery showing" you mention, the blemishes become far more pronounced and virtually unacceptable. I've mentioned more than once that I believe Wilson has a very creative eye and could do something professionally if he so wished. However, the technical attention to detail would have to accompany that creative-eye part of the equation to actually make it beyond the j-peg/photo.net stage. Many here on this site may in fact be quite content simply posting j-pegs and just having some fun. Others wanting to move to another level then, would understand the point I was actually making, just as Wilson already has.

Wilson Tsoi
Kim, Thanks for your feedback. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
. . . another . . .

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks you guys . . . PETE: Thanks. It is lots of fun. MARC: Appreciate your feedback. CHiPs: Don't get sick. ^_^ SPENCER: Thanks for your comment! VINCENT: Regarding the detail, I am always happy to share with all. Make PN much more fun and a better place. I am glad that you took the time to view the links as they do a better job in describing myself. Mahalo brah. JAYME: Thank you so much for the ultimate compliment! Better yet, the fact that you remember, "Aaaahhhh Maui," makes me want to go buy cooler swim trunk and shave my legs. ^_^ SECKIN: Thanks for visiting. KEN: Thank you always for your feedback! VINCENT II: Noted your reply again with thanks and all points are very well taken. I'm pretty sure that Jayme is also aware of and understand the tripod/sharpness, issue and was just emphasizing the artistic part of the equation. Yes, technical fidelity and artistic creativity go hand in hand in the ultimate scenario. RE: Thanks. I hope you meant the images. ^_^ LOU ANN: Glad you like them. Sure glad to see you around again. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Spin City," last night at Seattle Center. Traffic and parking was a pain with the Sonics game at the Key. Another one in the Friday Nights at Seattle Center series with a Canon G3. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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