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Published: Saturday 5th of March 2005 04:38:50 PM


Jos Van Poederooyen
Wonderful, right down to the flag on the building. Sharp, creative and enjoyable to view and think. Thanks.

Max Pizzo
wow, it seems a city of another planet. great perspective and good idea to include the photographer in the frame

Allon Kira
Perfect exposure!!!!!!!

Gaetan Chevalier
Beautiful night shot.

Howard Dion
The secret's out!!! Oh yea!!! Wilson uses a tripod and camera with a big round lens. Great shot.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Great image !

Wilson Tsoi
"Gitzo-la Attacks Space Needle" Thanks, Kim. I was shooting this with a D70 to his right, but battery went dead. I resorted to the Canon G3 and since it's short on the tele end, I figured to back up and include the guy in it. Shortly after this shot was taken, the guy walked over and started a conversation. That was his Canon 1Ds with 135 f2 on a Gitzo carbon-fiber. So the title should have been, "Space Needle Meets Gitzo-la." ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your feedback PETER: Thanks for your compliment. JOS: Very glad you enjoy it. MAX: Exactly my thought as well when I first saw the sight. Thanks for commenting. ALLON: Thank you sir. HOWARD: I tried to keep it a secret indeed . . . ^_^ GAETAN: Merci, Gaetan. Don't you just love night scene? I know we both do. CHiPs: Thanks! JAYME: Thanks! I was hoping for the 2 tripods story.

Kim Slonaker
Very cool, Wilson. The silouette makes this stand out.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Sorry I never commented on this before. It's wonderful. I love the silhouette against the skyline. It's a gorgeous shot!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Super- I love the softness of the man in silhoutte. The relationship between the camera tripod, the space needle and the man are wonderful. What eyes!

Wilson Tsoi
Couple, "Tripods," in Seattle. A normal view of the Space Needle. Not a setup. Part of the Canon G3 Images series. Feedback is welcome.

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