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Published: Saturday 5th of March 2005 01:00:30 PM


John Peri
The hands are a little clumsy ... I didn't really want to interfere, though I should of course. Ken, that's fine if that is what he thinks it's worth. Some people over rate too. It all evens out in the end. Best wishes, John

Graeme Copper
Nicely lit but the background is too distracting and I think the hands could be differently posed (I think hands are one of the most difficult things to get right in a portrait)

David Vorland
No, no, don't interfere, John. This, in my opinion,is one of the secrets to the visual truth of your images ... just as you did not clone out the minor skin imperfections.

Ken Thalheimer
As you mention John, it is very casual which adds a great deal. The tones are very well handled throughout. I see some dolt left this a 3/1 without explanation. Go figure

Igor Titoff
Great, as almost always John, I think it is the slight awkwardness that is seen in many of your nude portraits is what makes your style stand out. It somehow makes your portraits look three-dimenional and creates a vicarious emotional interaction between the viewer (me at least) and the models. Keep it up.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady In the series of casual portraits taken in the dining room ....

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