Portrait of Eileen

by Simon Janosch

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Published: Saturday 5th of March 2005 12:25:43 PM


Dariusz Nowicki
7/7 - no coment

Limasset Benjamin
Excelent portrait 7/7 !

Simply excellent!

Carlos Miguez Macho
Impressive face. Very elegant.

Philippe Rapoport
The reflection of the ringlight is fun... although I'm not sure your portrait and your model need it! Congratulation anyway

Bilgo jol production -Rouzes-
7/7 Bravo

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

Aivar Pärtel
7/7 Bravo !

Mark de Leeuw
Beautifull and intruiging portret! Like the use of the ringlight. Maybe a different composition (more to the right) would have made it even more mysterious. Btw you have a great site with superb work on it. Thanks for sharing!

Fabian Graham
Nice...and weird eyes.....6/7

pantelimonescu tudor
7.7 Fantastic JOB EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!

Marília Ferraz
Hard to inovate You just did it. Intense, deep and quite unique portrait. Cheers, Marilia

David Stanton
fantastic powerful portrait.....regards david

Rina H
Great photograph and what an intense look.

Ken Thalheimer
Very stark & intense

Mark Lucas
I think the eyes are just a little too manipulated. Too obvious. Otherwise, great pose and detail.

Judy Ben Joud

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Stuning portrait! Carlo

Stefan Beutler
:o) I love it.

Yanne Golev

Miles McAlpin
wow.. one of the most powerful portraits i have seen on this site..

Illat Jerome
This skin as a stone. These incredible eyes. Vrry good work

Andrea Salini
7/7 Excellent, congrats!

Jenny Catron
This is awesome. This woman needs to send this shot into one of the top modeling agencies... she has the face of a million bucks. Wonderful job shooting her.

Elena Platonova
7/7 !

Daren Holland
A7 - O7 Probably the best portrait I've seen on PN. The lady featured is model material. Fantastic.

Anders Hingel
In my view this is one of the best in your very impressive portfolio. There is a very strong presence in this portrait and a clear sign of interesting personalities in front and behind the camera. Perfect !

M Kelly
I think I prefer this image to http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3459536

Anders Hingel
Marco, please try to explain why you prefer the other photo you give link to. For me this portrait communicates personality - the other is only a postulation.

Tomek Gooseberry
Wow! Very strong; love it!

Hadi Habib
Mesmerising Oh wow, I love it, it's mesmerising.
The freckles!
Emerging forth into the light, those rings reflected in her eyes, her entire look.
I can't help but look right back.

Janet Cull - Western NC
Absolutely beautiful! She must be so pleased.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
7/7 Impressive!!

Animesh Ray
forceful but... Obviously forceful, excellent balance of composition, terrific grain, tonality, contrast, sharpness and tint, but, alas, those ring flash reflections off the pupils mar the photo irreversibly for me...from a potentially deeply moody persona I come down to earth with a thud by discovering that she is behind a flash against a propped up curtain...alas! [I stopped giving points because people are abusing the point system here; so please pardon me]

Jure Dolzan
Uuuu Splendid all the way. I love it.

John Graham
hi Simply amazing! Care to share your technique?

Thomas Hardy
I like the catch-lights.

Lauren Smith
The freckles are very cute, and I don't mind the work on the eyes at all. What i find unsatisfying here is the artificial shadow cast on her jowls which makes her face come to a too-sharp point at the chin. The ears lead down to her chin, and though her forehead and upper cheeks are highlighted, I find my eyes being led all over the place. The heavy black background which envelopes her feels like a barrier or distance which the ring light ought to have eliminated. If I can see such details in her eyes, why do I feel so far away from her? I like your photo of Radu much better because I feel like he's tangible and immediate. Eileen seems disembodied and distant. The gray texture which works so well in the Radu photo just makes Eileen cold and "stone-like".

Cat Guidry
Wow...this image is amazing! The "texture" on her face...lighting...eyes and lips are sooo sharp! Beautiful

Gorm Rudschinat
lovely, great work in b&w

Kim Rasmussen
Kim rasmussen Love freckles .....strong picture ........nice work Hi Kim

Will Wright
bravo Found it again. This was the photo that kinda inspired me to start taking pictures a couple years ago. It's one of very few that I can sit and look at for minutes on end and not get bored. It just kinda draws me in. Constantly engaging and revealing new minute details with each glance. Job well done.

Dan Campbell

EXCELLENT !!! Fantastic technique. Im a big fan of Andrzej Dragan and you seem to have mastered his technique perfectly.

Janosch Simon
Eileen Portrait of Eileen. Shot was done in the year 2004 useing a Ringlight and some Photoshop Editing regards Janosch

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