Vn 2

by Peri John

vn nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 3rd of March 2005 08:19:10 PM


David Blair
Something about this one John...just love it!! her expression, poise, everything. Well done.

Alex Neely
Lovely model, great expression and relaxed, casual pose with very nice lighting and a complete range of skin tones. The use of reds works well. I do think the the background behind the chair would be better blurred, but still, another lovely John Peri nude.

John Peri
Hy Lionel, I use a flash attached to the camera. Most often I bounce it off one of the walls.

Lionel Dupre
Thank you John ! So simple, yet the most effective !

Calle Fascius
size Hi I would very much like to comment on your great photo, but in order to give you an honest critique, you need to make your photos bigger. As far as I can see - this is a very nice shot - I just wish I could see her face a bit closer (Coud be solved by a bigger photo)

Edward Bone
She is beautiful! Nice capture!

Lionel Dupre
A John Peri classic. The exceptional part of the image apart the technical side is how you get to have your models so relaxed. This image is the perfect example. By the way, I would be grateful if you could explain your light setup. Cheers !

Angel Pena
Oh ! John what a lovely shot ! Nice skin tones, wonderful light ! Cheers!!

Pat Merz
'unfortunately', the model reminds me of a lover from the past, so it's hard to comment without being biased ... however, that aside I still think the pose works very well here and the reds frame the flesh tones nicely. Nice composition and beautiful model.

Daniel Benoit
Oh my! Oh my! Such ivory skin. Superb! What a beautiful face. And what great exposure of course, but that goes without saying.

Aguiar Thierry
You are going... to say that I too much look at the details :-) but I think the background is too present. Apart this, it's lovely and natural! I like it!

Steve Ward
sw you've made another lovely photo which is captivating enough to look at for a long time.

John Peri
First pose Another casual portraiture ..

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