"A Space Odyssey"

by Tsoi Wilson

a space odyssey seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 2nd of March 2005 05:18:21 PM


Lidia Marcelli
Wow Better then the others. COmpliments

Peter Meade
Excellent, really dynamic clear and sharp. Well done.

Watermark of Merni
Yet another 7/7 I am thinking that I want all of my walls plastered with these exquisite photographs.

Bill Symmons
Unique Wilson, I really admire your work and your portfolio. Great stuff. If anyone else is reading this and looking for inspiration GO TO THIS PORTFOLIO!! My compliments, Bill

Bilal Zaheer
awesome! so coloroful and charged with energy

Stephen Penland
Very creative and unique, Wilson. I expect to visit the space needle someday and see all of your needle photos on the walls; if the management had any sense, that's what they would do.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Excellent ...! Only one subject & you create a many wonderful image .You have great imagination Wislon !

Wishnu Widodo
Visual Excitement A perfect harmony of composition, simplicity, and colourful play!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Whoa! Too cool! Ditto what Paul said! Some outta this world images. I've only been there once and it was daytime, I feel cheated!

Rouslan Tiourine
Wilson, very origimal idea. I like this

Stephen Forsyth
I couldn't stop myself going 'WEEEEEE!' when I saw it. Lots of energy, I like.

Jay Patel
An explosion of Color!!! Magnificent and quite original!!

young neil
good very nice pic!

Howard Dion
Howard says, "Pass go and collect $200". It is amazing how you can take one subject and make so many colorful twists and turns to bring us these really unique images. This one is OUT...OF...THIS...WORLD!!!

Michael Callaghan
Just Incredible - The density of the colors and the composition make this an amazing image. Congratulations !

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
Wilson, great perspective and what a colorful image. Congrats!!

Agapito Montoya Fernández
Preciosa y colorida composici�n, Saludos

Tony Georgiadis
Another fine shot with rich colors Wilson.

Ken Beilman
You are relentless in producing one great image after another. What an amazing series. 7/7 by me.

Yongbo Jiang
! Ordinary objects, exceptional creation.

Brad Kim
This is an excellent work, Wilson.... I like it very much!

Francesco Martini
very original picture!!!!fantastic colour!!

Jan Olof Härnström
Excellent 7/7 Extraordinary. I like to read the details and I admire your purpose and target here. Talent is one thing but you also need energy, passion and joy. Wonderful work. Regards.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you very much for your feedback . . . I was going for a bit of the 1920's poster look here as ideas are starting to run scarce. HOWARD: Thank you for putting the fun in comment which quite possibly is more colorful than the image itself! PETER: Very glad you like it. MERIWETHER: Thank. That can actually be arranged! ROUSLAN: Thank you for visiting. JAY: So glad you visited and liked it. JERRY: Thank you much for commenting. STEPHEN: Really glad it made you so! BILL: Flattered. Thank you much for the compliments. MICHAEL: Thanks for commenting, Michael. PETER M.: Very happy that you like it! BRAD: Thank you sir for taking the time. BILAL: Appreciate your comment. STEPHEN: Thanks for your kind words. I'll alert the management when you're arriving. ^_^ CHiPs: Thanks, bud! Hey, maybe you, Bilal, Alec, or Cherlyn can do the same with the Esplanade? MONTOYA: Mucho gracias, Montoya. LIDIA: Thank you much for visiting again! YOUNG: Thanks. PAUL: Thanks for your feedback. The spining thing is the carousel in the Fun Forest. It was going about 70 mph and children were thrown off left and right . . . nahhhh . . it was the 2 second exposure. The Needle was all white last week, but I took the same shot several times with different WBs and merged them. Needed the light beams for dramatic 1920's poster effect and to fill in the blank, black sky. JAYME: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback! WISHNU: Thanks for your comment. KEN: Thanks, Doc. My idea ballon is actually depleting and another weekend is coming up (gulp!) FRANCESCO: Always appreciate your visit! TONY: Thank you much for your feedback. Always value it. YONGBO: Thanks for taking the time. KIM: So glad you like the series. I almost have enough for a year and a half right now. I'm thinking about putting them up for fundraising to help a neighbor family that was involved in an extremely serious head-on auto accident couple weeks ago. Wilson ^_^

Scott Jenkins
Great Wilson, could not be better. Your skill with the camera is excellent. I strive for the day when I can achieve such results. Thanks for sharing and keep the bar moving up. Scott

Alec Ee
Really cool Wilson. Very nice composition, well executed.

Ken Thalheimer
Excellent shot and different perspective of the Space Needle Wilson. I like the angle and the static needle against the motion at bottom. Also very sharp

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all, COLIN: Appreciate feedback from someone of your calibre. WIM: Thank you much for taking the time. A.K.: You're too kind. RICHARD: Thank you, too. As for the comment, I just called it the way I see it. JAN: Thanks you much for your kind feedback. JON: Appreciate your feedback. ROBERT: Thanks. Of course you can. Just keep at it, my friend. SPENCER: You better not stop! ALLON: Thank you much for your feedback. ALEC: Really glad you like it, Alec. KEN: Always appreciate your feedback. BEN: Thank you much for taking the time. PNINA: Appreciate it. Safe travel, Pnina. CURTIS: Thank you sir for dropping in. Wilson ^_^

Kim Slonaker
Too cool! You must have more than enough of these shots for a calendar and perhaps even a book at this point. I like the way they are all different and unique.

Wilson Tsoi
Scott, thanks for your courageous words. If the bar moves any higher, I'll have to transform into a giraffe. For now, a Pretend Calendar. ^_^

Colin Carron
Wilson, a stunning shot. I always admire the colour and vitality in your work.

Pnina Evental
After all that series of comments, what is left is the series of skilled works . Pnina.

Robert Marleau
thanks Wilson for sharing so much creativity, you are an inspiration for me even tough I'll never be able to reach this level of fine art!

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Unique and great!

Wim Ipenburg
7/7 Wilson, what a great coposition. You bring it to us on a very original way! Thanks for sharing it.

Lee Jianmin
Can't help but to spin with you.7/7

Allon Kira
Another fantastic image from this place! very artistic, Wilson!

Jon Thornton
Hi Wilson, your Seattle project was exceptionally successful. You have a real knack for arranging subject matter.

Richard Hans
THANKS!!! Wilson, very sensitive eye & feeling of colors you have to spot this natural abstract! well done! and thanks for your kind comment on my image! 7/7 best regards.

A.K. Sircar
Fabulous artistic creation. Composition and the spectrum of colours and light make this image a masterpiece. Best regards,Wilson. P.S Galleries of Modern Art may approach you shortly.

tommi b
UFO!! well done

Jitka Unverdorben
beatuty picture, jitka

Mike NIka
Wow Possibly one of greatest pictures I have seen, definitely the number one on this site.

Narendra Bhagwat
Yes, out of the world image! It really looks out of the world alien image :) Congrats Wilson for the wonderful ALL unique space needle photos! Eventhough, I had been there, I could not have imagined so many wonderful compositions. Your imaginations are very very high! I'm curious to know how many days this space needle folder took to photograph.

Joan Newhall
Wonderful colors! Great photo!

David Noble
This shot caught my eye as I scrolled down the page. Great colours, and a very nice composition.

Ghinita Leontin
Congratulations Gorgeous colors, superb composition.Well done!

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Spectacular, Wilson!

Shea Riggenbach
This is amazing! Like living on Saturn...

Pradeep Kanneganti
EXCELLENT!!!! I'm a budding photographer and i've been to space needle MANY times and this perspective never stiked me. I'll give it a shot next time I visit.

Job Perez
I love this shot. It's really beautiful

Wilson Tsoi
"A Space Odyssey." Part of Part of Friday Nights at Seattle Center series. Feedback is welcome.

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