Walk on the river.

by Amelkovich Igor

walk on the river nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 1st of March 2005 03:07:59 PM


Jukka Vuokko
so natural Very good! I like the natural feel of picture.

Jim Swenson
I might have tried to get her walking into the frame instead of out of it. Still and excellent shot.

Alex Neely
Fantastic shot! There is a full range of tonalities. The shape, form and rough texture of the rocks contrasting with a smooth, soft, curvaceous and very beautiful female body is strong. I like that she is walking away as it suggests that she is heading for a swim or perhaps a dip in natural hot spring out of view. The time of day for the shot is perfect as the shadows on her body highlight her beautiful form. 7/7

Ed A
Wow, another incredible shot. Bravo!

Balthasar Thomass
Wow! mazing model. Interesting context. Welle exposed and composed image.

Thorsten Jankowski
impressive great! 7/7

Don Quijot
7/6 7=female beauty, 6=origin. 6,5 overall. ;-) Grtz. Don

larry vause
looks very natural, like you just happend to be there when she went for a walk. good job.

A tough 7/6 and a beautiful walk - beautiful form

Steffen Drache
Beautiful woman, beautiful landscape, a little bit harsh light (sun at noon?) - I like it! Regards Steffen

Olli Pekonen
beautiful elements with extrely rich tonal scale (6x6 I suppose...)

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

very nice,,work

Nestor Nunez
I really like the contrast between her siluethe and the background.

Rahul Deshpande
Another awesome shot fom you Igor! BTW...your models are absolutely stunning and you really do justice to them!

Kristen Chambers
This is a gorgeous picture. I love using natural light, and it's always interesting to see what others can do with it. Great use of depth of field. Also, your model is beautiful. Nice work!

Ferenc Ecseki
global warming great model, excellent composition a nice moment ... one of the few positive side effects of global warming I guess

Igor Amelkovich
Walk on the river. River in mountains.

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