by Peri John

a nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 27th of February 2005 10:13:51 PM


Marco Giardini
6/6 nice

Vi P
I love this portrait for a great combination of colours, the lovely skin tone and for her face... The hair and the eyes, they are so expressive, really cool. In combination with the outfit, makes her really a killer lady ;)

Eduard Nikoliqi
6/4 Nice picture and the model as well. I just would have croped the left and the bottom side. That is only my opinion.

Timo Ryttäri
Model and the pose are more than fine, properly glamorous, but I'm troubled by the slightly mundane sofa/background. I feel that contrast between model and the enviroment now unfortenately works against the general mood. Technically very well executed.

Timo Hartikainen
Very nice, I would also crop it from left a little bit.

Tammy V.
John - Beautiful shot of the model. It should be cropped tighter though- the wall and floor are distracting and detract from the overall aesthetics.

Evgeniy Shaman
nice model

John Peri
Model It was snowing outside today .. so we decided to takesome pictures ...

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