"Fantastic Voyage"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Sunday 27th of February 2005 05:21:04 PM


Lidia Marcelli
Wow I like it very, very much.

Jos Van Poederooyen
In-sight-fullness Yes, Wilson Full of Sight. Your imagination becomes our reality through the magic of your lens. The colors and comp are superb. I find myself thinking of the millions of people that have been right where you have been and how few have seen as you have, let alone capture it. Your eyes must truly enjoy the fact they are hooked up with an appreciative mind like yours. Great Work!

Howard Dion
Precision photography that demonstrates how the light dance moves to the rhythm of color fueled by the imagination. We call this Tsoism.

Watermark of Merni
Wow ! This makes me feel like a kid again! Such beautiful intense colors! I keep coming back for another look.

Allon Kira
7/7 Colors, composition and idea, are all perfect! Excellent job, Wilson!!

Tony Georgiadis
Great use of color and composition Wilson.

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 Perfect shot. The composition is great.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Yes - a fantastic voyage. I especially like the star trails. :-) Great series, Wilson. Really ... this isn't the last one, is it? The colors and lighting are fantastic!!

Gerry Bridge
Lost for words (again). Excellent shot, Wilson. 7/7

LIU Yuan
This is great, Wilson. The thumbnail looked like it's you, and it is you.

Alec Ee
7/7 Wilson, sometimes I noticed the prosumer camera works better then the DSLR because of it's swivel head (Sony F series) and the longer DOF from it's lens. You have very clearly identified this and used it to your advantage in many of your images shot with prosumer cameras. Your beautiful rendition here prompts me to take out my F717 and start taking some more creative shots again. Thanks for sharing. I always respect the high quality of your works.

Pnina Evental
Wison, I like the juxtaposition of the 2 wheels. one very big, close and colorfull, the other far, small , quiet tones, and both in different directions. interesting. Pnina

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Penelope Tooz
wow cool image

Christopher Appoldt
Wilson, once again, you've found a unique view and handled it with finesse and brilliant color. Fantastic shot!

Francesco Martini
excellent and original shot!!!!

Marco Brivio
Beautiful diagonal composition and perfect exposure. Flawless work

Saverio Barchiesi
7/7 Excellent photo

Gianpaolo Dettoma
Excellent composition and timing.

Chris Laboz
My best Wilson.....strong composition and beautiful colors...but the best is the movement sensation! Ciao!

Thomas Collins
Wilson, I never cease to be amazed by your capacity to turn the Seattle Center into a veritable fantasy land. This is just a splendid work of imagination and creative genius! Someday we are going to accidentally back into each other with our eyes pressed to our cameras pointed into the sky. "Hey, watch where you are going! Can't you see a serious photographer at work here?!" LOL :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your feedback . . . I'm surprised that y'all are not tired of the Space Needle yet. ^_^ HOWARD: Thank you for your kind words and I always appreciate your honest feedback. LOU ANN: Glad you like it. Perhaps a few more in the series, then I'd better change gear. REINER: I'm afraid I still don't have the luxury to buy all the toys I didn't get, or maybe I haven't grown up yet. ^_^ PENELOPE: Thanks! TONY: Always value your feedback. FRANCESCO: Very glad that you think so. LIDIA: Very pleased that you like it. PAUL: Thanks, dude. MERIWETHER: So glad to hear how an image effect a viewer. PETER: Thanks, man. Appreciate your comment. ALLON: Thank you, sir. GAETAN: Merci, glad you like it. ALEC: Well put regarding Digital Compact & DSLR having their own advantages. Glad to hear that the F717 rises again. Respect is mutual, as I'm sure you know. Thanks. YUAN: Are calling me needle head? Kidding aside, I'm glad that you like it! ^_^ GERRY: Need you say more. Thanks. JOS: Thank you very much for your point of view. You're too kind! CHIRSTOPHER: Thanks for taking the time to check this out. BILAL: Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoy it. KEN: Always appreciate your feedback. DEREK: So glad you like it. JAYME: I certainly enjoy hearing how an image can make one feel a certain way. Thanks for commenting. ANDREA: Thanks for looking and commenting. UMAIR: Thank you sir. MARCO: Appreciate your visit and comment. HOWARD: Thanks again, Howard. Wilson ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I feel like I'm spinning around and around! Ut Oh, I'm getting dizzy! :) I love the way the stars are also spining, really adds to the feel of spinning of this. Not to mention the vibrant colors that compliment each other so well. Beautiful job!wonderful perspective view, I've gotta sit down, my head is spinning!

Ken Beilman
Another fanciful eyepopper delivered with imagination and finesse.

Kim Slonaker
Wilson, I like the way you take the same subject and come up with different compositions. I like the motion visible in the sky.

Andrea Endisch
This one is full of excitement, everything in mouvement and strong colours. Beautiful job, Wilson!

Bilal Zaheer
Very interesting and colorful shot. Two entirely different wheels appear to have been joined together as part of some great machinery. creative and beatiful composition, as all of your works Wilson. 6/7

Howard Dion
I came back to make an additional comment, which is that this baby sticks in one's minds eye. Also, to express my appreciation.

Derek Scott
I was amazed to see the star trails along with the fantastic colors or the Needle and Ferris wheel. I spent a long time enjoying this photo. Thanks for sharing.

Umair Ghani
7/ 7 outstanding play of color & composition. what a beautiful accomplishment!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback . . . KIM: Thanks. I'm begining to run out idea myself! GIANPAOLO: Appreciate your comment. PNINA: Thanks, kinda like Ying & Yang. I was going to call this, "Space Snail," but didn't sound quite right. ^_^ CHRIS: Ciao, glad it gave you that sensation! THOMAS: Thanks for such wonderful compliments. Yes, for the past 4 Friday nights, I walked the Center with a wallet photo of you taped to my wrist and a bicylist's rear-view mirror strapped on my forehead . . . scarry! ^_^ SAVERIO: Thank you for visiting. Wilson ^_^

Pam Fagelson
Wilson, Thanks for the details. It really helps me understand how you did this beautiful shot! PamF

Stephen Fenech
Fantastic it truly is! This is simply an amazing image. Exceptionally beautiful colours, overall sharpness and detail complimented with the perfect composition and exposure. An awesome image!

Erik Zunec
This is a true masterpiece. You have managed to get just the right exposure. G3 is a great camera, a little bit on a slow side but its image can hardly be surpassed by current compacts.

Steve Tout - Seattle, Wa
Brilliant You've captured a unique perspective on an icon that I've seen in the Seattle cityscape hundreds of times. Way to go! Very nice!

Wilson Tsoi
"Fantastic Voyage," Space Needle and Ferris Wheel. Part of Canon G3 at Seattle Center series. Feedback is welcome.

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