Canal Saint-Martin under snow

by Dupin Eric

canal saint martin under snow seeking critique dupin eric

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Category: Street

Published: Thursday 24th of February 2005 05:49:38 PM


Eric Dupin
First, Martin, I'm a thousand miles under HCB, of course ;-) Secondly, for Len, you're right in all your remarks, but it was my intention to act so ! For me, the "lonesome" people is only a little element of the picture, the real subjet is the "snowy" atmosphere quite unusual in Paris. And, I personnaly don't like symetry pictures and central subjets ! That's a question of taste. Your portofolio is also interesting: diversity is a common point with mine... Best regards !

Len Marriott
A Question of Balance ! Eric, For me the focal point of this shot has to be the person on the bridge. Again, for me, I prefer to see this one cropped at the top somewhere about half way from the person to the top of the frame, so that no sky area shows. This would give more prominence to this person. Good range of tones here. There is a little tension due to the lack of symmetry, the photo appearing a bit lopsided. If that was your intention then you've succeeded. I'd have tried to center things to maintain balance. Maybe that reveals something about me. A wothwhile effort deserving of a print. You have a portfolio worth revisiting and of further study. I will try to do so in the near future. Best, LM.

Martin J Helliwell
Hints of Cartier-Bresson.

Eric Dupin
Thank you for comment and rate Lonesome under cold in the east of Paris.

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