"Under a Bridge"

by Tsoi Wilson

under a bridge seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 22nd of February 2005 06:42:15 AM


Ken Beilman
Fine shot, Wilson. Impressive lighting.

Howard Dion
Good shot using the fram-a-stat G whatever camera with the thing-a-ma-jig in the background. LOL. Just trying to make you laugh. Everything works as always.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I love the colors ... the golds/oranges ... but this one pales a bit in contrast to the wonderful needle abstracts that you've been doing lately.

Lee Jianmin
seeing is believing. Excellent shot 7/7

Fabian Ngo
Lovely color

CR: Do we need the Tour Eiffel? Not really, not you! Regards

Kim Slonaker
I like it - the color contrast between blue and orange works well. This has been a great series, Wilson!

Gaetan Chevalier
6/6 Very nice shot, I like the contrast and the perspective.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I like the bridge curvature, the variations in light and shadow of the structure, and your choice of perspect view. The only thing that causes me a little distraction is the small section of blue in the curve under the bridge. It's lighter than the rest of the sky, probably because of the lights of the city. What beautiful capturing of light and shadow on structure! You remind me how much I loved Seattle! Gonna drag my husband out there someday!

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
Wilson, perfect techniques with fine colors. I wish the left could have just a tiny bit more space.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback. FABIAN: Thanks for checking this out. HOWARD: Thanks, man. Needed it! RE: Yes, I'm stuck in Seattle with the Space Needle this winter. Might have to wait until late summer for Tour Eiffel. ^_^ LOU ANN: Quite different in graphical element, I agree. Thank you though for your feedback. KIM: Thanks for your feedback and glad you like 'em. GAETAN: Thank you Gaetan for your visit. JAYME: Thanks for your insightfulness, Jayme. Now that you mentioned it, that patch of blue does look brighter that the rest most likely because of the way the bridge and tower cut the blue sky up into different section and therefore lost its continuous gradation. Yes, in that bright area is downtown Seattle (you can probably make out the Washington Mutual building in that patch.) KEN: Thanks. The lighting was provided by Seattle City Light (known for overcharging the city's residences.) SPENCER: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback. ^_^ PAUL: The contrast is pretty much how it was captured (didn't increase contrast in PS at all.) Got to have the Needle to stay in line with the Friday Night in Seattle series. Thanks dude for checkin' this out. JERRY: Thanks for dropping in. I cropped out the left a bit to eliminate some distrubing branches. Know what you mean though. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Under a Bridge," a Seattle cityscape at night. Just about the last of this month's installation of my Friday Night in Seattle series. Taken from the U-District side, feedback is welcome.

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