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Published: Sunday 20th of February 2005 06:44:09 PM


Olli Pekonen
Whoa Very powerful and alluring even for someone in his 30s. She knows what she wants. Technically, perhaps cut 5% off of the right hand side. Cool bacground, too.

Kurt Kramer
One of your better photos.

Shambhala Wolfhaart
In a world where we are so obsessed with youth and beauty, I always look out for pictures featuring mature models. And this woman is the perfect example that no matter how old you are, beauty and youth can still reveal themselves if the person is confident. Great technique, good background, great whites and blacks, perfect composition - but yes, do crop about 5% on the right to make it better. You are now on my Interesting People List! Carry on the good work!

John Peri
Thank you. You may have noticed that I have a folder called the "older model".

jim bonnici
like wine like wine, women get better with age. this is a perfect example of beauty being a state of mind and not a year of birth. i like the photo as is...i think the crop may center her too much.

Rina H
:-) John, Great to see mature woman in erotic poses! It is a pleasure to look at this special folder. Rina

John Peri
I prefer "sensual" actually to erotic, but nevertheless. Rina, I have just glanced through your portfolio. Some great pictures there. I shall study them more carefully.

Rina H
John, I correct. Sensual is the better word for these photographs! Thanks for looking at my portfolio and for your comments.

John Peri
Cigar .. In the series of the study on the older model .....

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