"Jet City"

by Tsoi Wilson

jet city seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 19th of February 2005 09:19:35 PM


Brett Poirier
Great color Nice shot. Color is great. At first I found the fastener distracting to the image but it would lose something if it were gone as it's the only thing that lets you know what you're really looking at.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Your inventiveness is inspiring. It's really cool that you've got the technical expertise to express this creativity you have.

Janet .
I... really love this...

Howard Dion
If someone said to me, describe this image in words, I'd say impossible. Even using 10,000 words would not help. This is major visual stuff ment to be seen and enjoyed. This image was conceived and executed by the mind and skill of Mr. Wilson Tsoi

Richard Hans
Beautiful reflection, very pleasing to the eye! 7/7

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Rainbows! I love diagonal anything and this has lots of diagonals. Reminds me of something out of the "Jetson's". Now I'm dating myself! :) Really nice composition and such clarity in a reflection. Did you have to polish that metal? LOL. Super image, really futuristic. I like!

Sean Symons
Great color and interesting idea, good job!

Daniel Oi
Clever composition and bold use of colours. Maybe just a bit too cluttered, lots of visual elements crowding the scene.

Kim Slonaker
The only thing that detracts, imo, are the faint blotches on the pink part of the metal. I think cloning would improve this. I like the abstract effect here and you are really on a roll, Wilson!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for responding BRETT: Appreciate your elaboration. JANET: Thanks for your feedback. RICHARD: Really glad you like it. DANIEL: Thanks for your thorough assessment. Appreciate it. JAYME: I was thinking of rainbow colors as well. Thanks for reminding about, "The Jetsons." I have now been unintentionally dated as well. As for the metal wall, I just left it the way it was. Always appreciate your honest feedback. ^_^ SEAN: Thanks for your kind words. HOWARD: Thanks for your feedback as always, Howard. Really glad you like it. ^_^ KIM: If you didn't mean the small, little dirt spots, then I'm afraid that the faint blotches are just the way the EMP's metal skin reflects light. This metal sheets actually have color to it (in this case sort of a pink/purple, hard to be definite since it's very camilion-like.) With even the mildest dip or rise on the metal skin, color intensity and distortion (of reflection) change tremendously. A really challenging thing to shoot, but very fun at the same time. Thanks for your looking past the surface, Kim. ^_^ KEN: Thank you, sir. Appreciate your kind words! PAUL: Thanks, man. Figure this is right up your alley. ^_^ Wils ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Jet City," thoughts? Reflection of Space Needle and monorail train on Seattle's EMP wall. Part of my Canon G3 Images presentation. Feedback is welcome.

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