Waiting for...

by Amelkovich Igor

waiting for nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 18th of February 2005 11:24:50 AM


Vilnis Plavins
very good...

Aivar Pärtel

Emre Safak
... it ? Great angle.

Alex Neely
Great lighting, tones and lovely form. Interesting pose too.

Stanislovas Kairys
bravo! Excellent light and composition. 7/7.

Elena & Vitaly Vasilieva
Mne kazhets'a, chto, yesli by ne perevorachivat' kadr, bylo by tozhe ne ploho.

Craig Jenkins

Penelope Tooz
that shoes are awful It redice every photographie to cheap porno. Pity. Throw it out! (Shoes)

Thorsten Jankowski
7/7 i love it. would be great if you would get in contact with me. thorsten

Daniel Mejias
Hello Igor, The toning and composition, once again leave me in awe. This is a fabulous shot.

Katya Lin

Balthasar Thomass
Great pose and perspective. Nice tones. 6/7

jason sheridan
Cheap title Not sure of the benefits of this shot...but I particularly do not like like the title - if this is a serious picture, then the title simply cheapens it

Igor Amelkovich
Waiting for... ...

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