"Standing Tall"

by Tsoi Wilson

standing tall seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Thursday 17th of February 2005 03:35:29 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Good thing . . . It's a good thing that I brought along enough to share with everyone . . . (here you go, Jim.)

Rick Ebrecht
Good strong composition, I like the colors as well

Leslie Battjes
Hi, Wilson. another beautiful shot. I like having a little more room at the top, but I also liked the stars/moon. Without them, the picture seems a little plain. Leslie

Jim Goldstein
Great perspective! I think this is quite sharp, but the lens flared moon/star is a bit much. I think this would be as strong with out it. I also think having more sky above the tower would help accentuate it's height. As is the lack of sky buffering the top of the tower and edge of your photograph gives this a claustrophobic feeling... at least to me.

Francesco Martini

Els Wetting
It's standing for sure

Ken Beilman
What an eyepopper! Best of the series, IMHO. Wonderfully creative and superbly executed.

Howard Dion
Trip to the Stars! How one guy can stay in one place and make this many unusual compositions is in itself pretty outstanding. I suspect this particular image was born inside your head and then executed. I don't think you took the picture and then said, boy I got lucky. How the lines and the color work together make this a powerful visual experience.

Kim Slonaker
Not sure how I missed this one! Very eye-catching and colorful. Makes this look very futuristic and surreal. Nice job, Wilson.

Tony Georgiadis
Great angle and colors a very eye catching shot Wilson.

Ada Ipenburg
Hi Wilson, This shot looks real futuristic! Great colours ans shapes. Let me think at two streched arms which bear a plate. Very Nice!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... KEN: Appreciate your feedback. JIM: Hope the alternative works for you. ^_^ RICK: Thanks for commenting. LESLIE: Thanks for voicing your preference. 'ELSE: Welcome back! FRANCESCO: Thank you always for your visit. HOWARD: Sometimes I, "Get lucky." ^_^ TONY: Glad it caught your eyes. KIM: Your reaction was what I had hoped for. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Thanks! ADA: Very imaginative, a pair of arms holding a plate. Must be dinner time, yes? Wilson ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wow Wilson- how'd I miss this one? Hum..... I really like the crop on this one. The details are super too. The pyramid effect is very futuristic almost alien. I love the added stars and lens flare, very artistic. This whole series would make an absolutely terrific exhibit! I can see this one as MY special note card, inside says, "I don't mean to needle you, but I love you! Phone home!" Love Mom. :)

Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, Sarah, Thank you both for your feedback. BTW, I just found out last week that for the month of February, they lit up the Space Needle red to observe Valentine's. As of last week, the Needle is back to its usual white light. I would guess that the city got the idea from the Eiffel Tower (the hourly strobes were red for Chinese New Year.) Just a trivial info. Wils ^_^

Sarah Underhill

Wilson Tsoi
"Standing Tall," a straight forward approach . . . Part of Friday Nights at Seattle Center series which is an attempt at putting an under-utilized digicam throgh its pace during a dormant winter of 2005. Feedback is welcome.

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