"Through a Window"

by Tsoi Wilson

through a window seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 14th of February 2005 10:34:51 PM


Richard Hans

Jos Van Poederooyen
The science centre would have difficulty expressing the wonderful intricacies and nature of this capture (the moon, of course, does this kind of thing every night). Great stuff, Wilson.

Mujahid Awais
Classical It is a Great Classical Creative Image. 7/7

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, this is an outstanding photo, nicely executed. Cheers, Sondra

Kim Slonaker
What Howard said... Cool image, Wilson - very abstract.

Colin Carron
Original and ingenious! The moon is a nice touch.

Francesco Martini
very nice and original image!!!!

CR: This will work: I love the kind of "framing"! REgards

Howard Dion
I was trying to make a compliment about how you made this image. I started out mentioning composition, the use of form, lines, and negative space. That didn't work. So I went with how creative you were in cropping the image. That didn't work either. Then I talked about color, that just didn't cut it either. Finally, I realized that I should make a simple comment that would pay homage to the symmetry of this wonderful photograph. I came up with this. Wilson, equilibrium is on target.

Ken Beilman
Wils Awesome lighting, wonderful reflections, and lovely colors. Superb composition rounds out this one. Great work.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. SONDRA: Always appreciate your visit. HOWARD: Sometimes my equilibrium works fine. Sometimes not, especially after a few drinks. Can't wait 'til you write a book. REINER: I should've known that symetry and framing tickle your fancy. KIM: Thankful for your visit as always. JAYME: Miss getting your feedback. I didn't have to PS for exposure control per se, but had to PS to replace the reflection. The posted image is true to original capture in general appearance (I'll post it in a bit,) but since the window is double-pane, (only realized it when returned home,) there were two superimposed reflections that have a blurry appearance (think of rangefinder focusing.) Luckily, I had also taken straight shots of the arches and moon on that very same night, so after a cut and a paste, voila. Those arches were actually lit by flood lighting from below, but the proximity of the moon did the trick. KEN: Thanks Ken and really glad you like it. JOS: Thank you, sir. BTW, since you're in Vancouver B.C. area, I guess indeed our views of the moon would be pretty similar, are they not? This was taken end of Jan. with a pretty full moon, do you by any chance remember if the cloud was like that too in VAN? FRANCESCO: Thanks always for your visit. MUJAHID: Appreciate your feedback, Mujahid. RICHARD: Thank you, sir. BILIANA: Glad you like it. COLIN: Means a lot coming from you, Colin. TONY: Thanks man, appreciate it.

Tony Georgiadis
Eye catching Wilson.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Nicely seen Wison! Did you have to do any PS work in the exposure control area, or did it all come out perfectly. I really like what Howard said, but I also like the way the top of the Science Center seems to be lit by the moon! And then the moon, it seems to be peeking out of just a really small patch of clear sky! Really neat!

Wilson Tsoi
FWIW, here's the original. The double-pane glass caused a blur effect.

Wilson Tsoi
. . . and here's the straight shot opposite the building.

Wilson Tsoi
"Through a Window," reflection of Seattle's Pacific Science Center off a window of Children's Theatre. Another Seattle Center image from my series of Friday night shoots with a Canon G3. This is the Seattle Children Theatre's window with a reflection of Pacific Science Center with a full moon. Feedback is welcome.

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