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Published: Monday 14th of February 2005 05:51:01 PM


John Peri
Thanks Bente, and here above, we are preparing the bride

John Peri
.. and finally, she could enter the church with daddy. ... do you see the little bridesmaid too ...

Bente Nielsen
Smile .. love your little story to go with this one ... and love the picture too ... what a great look ...devotion, yes... I think all your models have devotion for you.

John Peri
.. and then the bridesmaid ..

Thomas Collins
John, such a nice departure from the figure studies. I love the smile on this young lady. I can see how charming the opposite gender finds you at any age! I will probably end up shooting the marriage of one of my models this spring. I normally stay well away from wedding photography but I thought I could obtain some rather unique behind-the-scenes shots!

Dave Gardner
John....great shot, i love the expression. Even with the people up in the corner, the focus is on the girl. And in years to come she'll be breaking hearts. I can see it already. Look at the confidence in that face. Dave

John Peri
Well, these are friends David, that's why I also spent more time behind the scenes than in actually photographing the marriage!

John Peri
... almost ready ....

Howard Dion
Congratulations John: This is the personal side we never see. Thanks for sharing.

John Peri
Thanks Dave, but why in the years to come ...? I'm crazy about her !!! When she put her arms around me to say goodbye, my heart sank to the floor.

John Peri
Just look at that smile .... ! Ok, so I was at this wedding this weekend ... and I photographed one of the bridesmaids. Obviously it was love at first sight and we promised each devotion forever more ..... I also told her I would take lots and lots of pictures of her when she grows up .. and she answered .. "oh, please please promise me" ..!

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