"Sleepless in Seattle"

by Tsoi Wilson

sleepless in seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 14th of February 2005 01:37:16 AM


Wilson, you bestow us the luxuriance of selection. So its your own "blame" when not every of the pictures is "the best". Critique at the highest level - I have to breath heavily because the air is thin here: I dont feel the coercive relationship between the elements. The "sensible" moon on one side, but an "abstract" area on the opposing side. Plus the "stright" lines on bottom. The center, the tower, stands between with a fragile orientation. Solution? - Would be worth two pictures! REgards

Meiko Janke
He nice lights man, I like it looks like a space town. 7/7

Howard Dion
Wilson, it's like you go on this quest and the images just roll out of you like the thunder rolls across the sky. This one is my new favorite.

Henri Manguy
One more great photo in this excellent series.

Tony Bell
Very interesting composite and really very nice colors. I do wish there was a little more empty space in the frame. I t is so crowded it is rather uncomfortable but that's just my opinion. Very nice work.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, everyone. TONY: Thanks for your observation. I suppose had I left the moon out as in the original capture, it would have given more eye relief, a place to rest a viewer's eyes from all that was going on. I just might post the original and see how it measures up. HOWARD: So glad you like it, Howard. I'be interested to see how the no-moon version (not talking about Vikings' Randy Moss,) will be received. MEIKO: Thanks, meiko. The monorail is actually pathetically, low-tech here in Seattle. It dates back to 1962 and only runs 4 miles from point A to B. I did however tried to achieve a futuristic, space-like result. REINER: Thin air? Where are you, RE? I think you're even more space-y than this image. ^_^ Hey, sounds like the original version without the moon might be more to your liking. SPENCER: Thanks for commenting and glad that the effect did rubbed off on you. HENRY: Thank you, Monsieur. Always appreciate your feedback. Wils ^_^

Lee Jianmin
You makes me feel like I enter into the celestial dimenion.

Ken Beilman
Wils Don't know how I missed this one. Another superbly creative capture that showcases your inventive and technical skills.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Ken for your feedback. Very glad you like it. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Sleepless in Seattle," works for you? One of the fun thing about shooting at EMP is great, continuous music in the background while you work, giant video screen that provides constantly changing light temperature and intensity, and a chance to catch a monorail passing by. Feedback is welcome. ^_^

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