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by Peri John

mg nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 12th of February 2005 12:04:25 AM


Andrew Ng
Very nice, I didn't notice how the photo was divided into black adn white triangles until Alex pointed it out! Very cool!

Richie V Finestra
very nice! beautiful portrait of beautiful woman. love it! both ;-) i love simplicity of this photo.

Michael Sebastian
lovely John: your weekends are so much more interesting than mine. I really must get out (or stay in?) more! :) Great tones, tho' I think the towel highlights are slightly burned out. Lovely model. Nice work as usual. michael sebastian

Al Li
Beautiful candit image again. the lighting is just so perfect. Really beautiful. I like how the image is constructed with a black and a white triangle.

John Peri
Thanks to all.

John Peri
Thanks! Michael, the original is not burned. it's my awful scanning work I'm afraid.

W J Gibson
classic beauty, well photographed, what more can one say

Matjaz Luznik
Simple, tender, deep...

C. Daunis
Your art is the invisible balance between technical excellence, portrayal of natural beauty and uncanny ability to elicit the personalities of your models. I admire your work.

simon meehan
John, this lady has to be one of the most attractive models I`ve seen in your pictures and that IS saying something. You`ve done her justice.S.

Aguiar Thierry
I love all in this picture :-) Very "simple" but very well done :-) Congrats!

John Peri
Yes, Yves, the black one is distracting particularly. I can remove it. Thank you.

Yuri Bonder
7 Excellent

John Peri
Portrait in doorway Just a candid portrait ....

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