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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 11th of February 2005 07:20:46 AM


Milos Mashed
this smile is fantastic, I like the take, it's our best ones photos...congrat... 6/6

John Peri
The halo around the arm is due to plants that were in the foreground.

George Gray
Nice pose, nice smile, I liked the piece of hair across the chest, depth of field is perfect.

Sally Delacruz
I like her smile.

Marco Giardini
5/5 there is just somethiing near the arm disturbing a bit. Superb smile and body, good lighting. 5/5 .oesse.

Joe Baker
nice photo ; well done,well posed, and the best thing is the model, smilling haveing a good time,alive with energy and style

Alberto Procacciante
Erase the Plant! John, please try to erase the plant in PS!

John Peri
Alberto, I agree and I am sensitive to the nuisance that they cause. But what will be left there? I'm not goods enough at PS unfortunately. This is not a serious photo. I just posted it because of the smile of the model.

Brad Kim
Nice smile... Happy and Confident...!

John Peri
Evening light Just a photo taken on the terrace in natural lighting ..

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