"Rush Hour" ( Happy Chinese New Year! )

by Tsoi Wilson

rush hour happy chinese new year seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 10th of February 2005 11:24:28 PM


Howard Dion
Once in a dream I visited this place. Everthing was bright and full of energy. Then the people started to get blurry and I woke up. Wilson, this is a very cool shot and is most certainly an original Tsoist image.

Janet .
Happy... new year to you too and a great shot, I like it a lot...

David McCracken
Sun Lee Fai Lok Yes Wilson. Wonderful! Simply wonderful. I do have a similar shot but it isn't as good as this. Strange as it may seem, my most recent upload was taken in roughly the same place.

Beautiful 7/6 comosition of colour, motion, energy, atmosphere and moods. Great depth (Causeway Bay area?) (Wilson, I max out 7's, so have to give you 6/6, sorry) Happy new year! DF

Ken Beilman
Wilson What a neat effect. Very well executed and very creative. Love it.

alexandra rauh
Fascinating and full of Life

Marina Cano
Great colors Wilson!

Kim Slonaker
This is similar to my cat shot, but with different subjects. I'm sure your shot was planned for this effect and mine was not. Interesting, Wilson.

Alec Ee
Lovely. miss the bustle of this trobbing city.

Wilson Tsoi
Sun Lee Fai Lok . . . Thanks for all your feedback. McCRACKY: Hey Mr. Hong Kong, you meant your studio is just around that area? That's pretty wild man, I stayed about 5 minutes walk away from this spot. JANET: Thanks for visiting, Janet. KEN: Very glad you like it. HOWARD: Always enjoy your creative writing and thanks for your comment. D.F.: Thank you very much for your comment which is more valuable to me than ratings anyway (appreciate it neverthelss.) ^_^ MARINA: Thanks for dropping in. ALEC: I agree, that place is lively. KIM: I did checked out your cat shot and now understand what you meant. Thanks, Kim. ALEXANDRA: Thank you much for commenting. Wils ^_^

Brad Kim
Wilson, I can feel the rush! Excellent work...!!!

Trisha Jean-Angela

Exhuberant! Beautiful work! I love it! Thank youk for sharing! :)

Wilson Tsoi
"Rush Hour," in Hong Kong . . . Happy Chinese New Year! Here's a Happy Chinese New Year wish for all at PN. ^_^

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