Electrified # 1

by Amelkovich Igor

electrified nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 9th of February 2005 05:19:12 PM


Juan F. Jimenez
nice very creative. beautiful model. maybe u can try to blurr the back ground just a little so the focus could be on her only.

Jan Scherders
super a new and again original concept of you. as always WOW !!

Aivar Pärtel

Dariusz Nowicki
what to say - ok 7/7

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

Aguiar Thierry
Wonderful! Always on top!

Timo Hartikainen
very nice, interesting factory (?) location for shooting

Paul Konigsberg
nice work. It remembers me some glamours from the 70's. A good mix of sensuality and mechanics

Paulo Marx
Very Amelkovich!!!! Perfect!!! The tones and ligthing are wonderful. Are you using Zone System?

Joe Weisbrod
I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series of "Industrial Nudes." This is another wonderfully striking image. Thank you!

Corey Esposito
Wow! Things have really heated up here over the past couple of years. That's an impressive looking lady for sure. You know what, I've got some goggles just like that!

frans hartman
excellent. no comment. very special and good surrounding, model perfect!

Joe Moree
Composition,technique The main reason why I enjoy your work(besides beautiful models)is wonderful composition,great technique,and superb lighting and tonal range...I look forward to everytime you post.

Matjaz Luznik
No words... ..maybe just a litle bit too much details behind the model...

Nicholas Price
This is the one! For me, this is the one to post. Rather than looking awkward and ill at ease, (as in other photographs at the same location), here your model looks strong and masterful! Fantastic - 7/7

Hatch Vselios
Fem Bot.

Katya Lin

Igor Amelkovich
Electrified # 1 It is wery difficult to shot in this place.

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