by Peri John

untitled nude peri john

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Published: Tuesday 8th of February 2005 07:27:15 PM


Adam Brandt
Starting from her heels to her butt to her unnaturally-arced back to her head and right arm, combined with her mouth puckered as if to make a wooshing noise and her taut muscles, the composition suggests power and the desire for flight. However, having her left arm behind her, she looks scared. The bright bleakness of the light coming through the window (middle right) and the use of pale black and white suggest that she will never get what she's after; and I think she's aware of that. I like the picture, but it's not "busy" enough. Perhaps a viking helmet (something very small, unyielding, severly spiked, and completely serious, anyways) could be superimposed, to suggest desire? Anyway, it's an interesting image. Thank you for posting it.

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