"Colors of the Night"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Tuesday 8th of February 2005 07:22:29 AM


Howard Dion
Wilson: These keep getting better and better. The colors, composition, and the angle of presentation is very exciting. You look at this shot and say, Woweeebaby!!!!

Manu Poelmans
Wow, those colors are amaizing, I also like the angle, and ofcourse the Frank Gehry building. Well done. 7/7

Musaed AlHaddad
very nice I have similar picture, this is really nice shot, your white balance is perfect. its been about 4 years since I saw the space needle, but I never seen it with so much colors

Paula Grenside
ah Wilson, I thought the other I commented on was the best, but this is even better, the perspective and the entrance in the colorful night. Excellent.

David McCracken
T/T or is it H/H Gong Hei Fat Choi or is it Tsoi. Take a rest. Give us all a chance! ;-)

Ken Beilman
Wils Really unusual foreground color and angle. An eyepopper. Well done!

Stephen Forsyth
Great angle and colours. This is what the world must look like after too many Starbuck's. Although it would probably have more motion blur from the jittering hands... ( N.B. that was not a hint to try cheap and tacky filter effects!)

Alec Ee
Wilson We have much fun and share many tips with fellow members to reach where we are now. We develop our own unique style and move on as we try to explore and experiment. You certainly made your mark here and I'm very impressed with your creativity. Gong Xi Fa Chai for the Lunar New Year and may the God of Fortune be with you. (",)

Tony Georgiadis
Good shot with vibrant colors Wilson.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback. MUSAED: Thanks for your visit and comment. MANU: I'm glad you like it. Thanks. STEPHEN: Always enjoy your point-of-view, Stephen. BILIANA: Thanks again for commenting. CLAUDE: Thanks. I tried. HOWARD: Woweeebaby right back at cha! TONY: Always appreiciate your visit. KIM: Thank you for your comment. KEN: Glad to pop 'em! ALEC: Indeed, the feeling is reciprocal. Gong Hei Fat Choi to you, too! McCRACKY: And Gong Hei Fat Choi to you as well, Mr. Hong Kong! PAULA: Always appreciate your visits and feedback. PITMAN: Gong Hei Fat Choi to you, too . . . . . . and to everyone. Wils ^_^

Pitman Lee
Wonderful colour and angle.

Kim Slonaker
Makes me want to be there and see what you see. Cool series, Wilson.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- catching up! Finally. The perspective angle and the colors grab me and throw me right into the image. Nothing subtle, this one is screaming. "Hey you! Ya you! Look!" The Needle reminds me of a jelly fish and the stairs of the ocean. (must be sleep deprivation, LOL) For me, everything seems to converge in the sculpture (?) A nice soft contrast from the sharp angles. Definately "rocking"! Nice job!

Claude Corbin
Very original shot.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Colorful Night," Space Needle and EMP. Another night shot at Seattle Center with a G3. Manually setting in- camera white balance. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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