"3, 2, 1, Lift Off"

by Tsoi Wilson

lift off seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 6th of February 2005 03:06:32 AM


Howard Dion
Extreme detail, color, and composition. Good for morning wake up calls.

Kim Slonaker
Very cool, Wilson! I like the vivid colors. I agree with Thomas - see if you can sell these!

Flemming Rasmussen
3,2,1, Very nice work.

Cherlyn .
Good angle , lightings & details . I like the little seat buckets captured of the ferris wheel.

Thomas Collins
Wilson, you could setup a booth at the center and sell your collection of needle photography. I'm sure the city wouldn't mind a cut of the profits to pay for the new via-duct tunnel! :-)

Doug Hawks
Just a fabulous combination of night neon color and perspective. I'll never see the Space Needle the same again. Great work.

Leslie Battjes
What a great perspective! The colors are wonderful. The only change would be if the glare could be reduced on the center of the ferris wheel. Even if not, this really is a great shot! Leslie

Dan Pate
I like it I like this shot very much. The color and ecposure are great. The only thing I can think of might be to widen the crop up a little just to see how it might look. However, this might end up being the best crop for it anyway. Nice job.

David Bohn
Very nice, I really like the tiny bit of movement in the faris wheel. Nice work

David McCracken
Yes! Not bad! ;-) You are getting better at this photography thing Helium! Not bad! ;-)

Albert Darmali
I really like the "pillar" picture. But my eyes are drawn to that bright round spot on the top left. But I assume it actually has a very bright lighting (not something that you can adjust?) Well, maybe, if you can ask the staff to switch them off? :) Thanks, Albert.

Alec Ee
Very clean and nice Wilson. Your trademark. Did you get one with the ferris wheel in motion? I will be tempted to do so.

Brant Avondet
Wow. Great composition and such a crisp shot!

Pnina Evental
Nice composition Wilson, I wish the needle to strech..till the edge of the frame, doing a full diagonal,no problem for you......lol, Pnina

Francesco Martini
excellent prospective....nice colour!!!!!!!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Nice angle; great colors; lots to look at.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- still catching up. The perspective is wonderful. It almost looks as though the Ferris Wheel is rolling up the side of the Needle. I might like this mode of arriving at the top much better than the elevator! The colors, the perspective and the composition super!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. McCRACKY: I'm learning, I'm learing, . . . DAN: I was trying not to take in the entire Ferris wheel to not be so obvious (especially it was stationary.) Glad you like it still. ALBERT: The bright, white light was also my initial worry. The amusement park was not operational (no fair workers nor fair goers,) and light was just left on. In the spirit of non-manipulation, I've decided to keep it as is. DAVID: Thanks, but the wheel was stationary. FLEMMING: Glad you like it. HOWARD: Glad it woke you up. ^_^ THOMAS: Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, I don't think the proceed will ever exceed the cost of a booth there to begin with. Lets just enjoy it here together, at least for now. ^_^ CHERLYN: Thanks for your input. LESLIE: Thanks for your feedback. KIM: Thanks, I guess I'll have to consider it, again. PNINA: I'll think about it for next Friday night then. FRANCESCO: Thank you, sir! DOUG: Thanks for your feedback as always (no black & white lately, sorry.) ^_^ BRANT: Thank you for commenting. KEN: Welcome back, Ken. SONDRA: Thanks again for your feedback. ALEC: I too was hoping to get a spining wheel, but unfortunately the park is not operational until spring. Thanks for checking this out though. Wils ^_^

Robert Marleau
I like the way the circles are positioned in the photo and the perspective, well done

Sondra Kicklighter
Good perspective, Wilson, and beautiful lighting. Cheers, Sondra

Wilson Tsoi
"3, 2, 1, Lift Off," Ferris Wheel and Space Needle. A possible countdown to a rocket launch, yes? Another attempt at a, "different," perspective of Seattle's icon.

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