"Blade Runner"

by Tsoi Wilson

blade runner seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Saturday 5th of February 2005 11:03:53 PM


Francesco Tonini
I like a lot this composition, it's amazing the complex of it and at same time it has much order. Very good

Howard Dion
This work for me big time. Must be nice to live in the city of the future. Hmmm. Maybe that explains a lot. Maybe you are a time traveler?

Kim Slonaker
Very abstract, Wilson. Nice perspective and color.

David McCracken
When...... When I saw the subject in the thumbnail, I thought someone is 'copying' Wilson. Then I saw it was one of yours. It is different to what I would expect from you. I guess I need more time to look at it.

Ken Beilman
Wils Another creative reflection shot. Nice. Are you replacing the A80 with the G3?

Wilson Tsoi
Francesco, David, Kim, Howard, Ken, thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^ Ken, I still use the A80. It's just that we had this G3 at the office for over a year and all it ever gets to do is shoot boring work related stuff. So I figure to take it to have some fun. 2 Friday nights, so far so good!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- It took me a minute to understand exactly what I was seeing. Beautiful reflection shot. Did you polish the metal before hand or at least wipe off the rain spots? LOL Nice selective placement of the screw. Is that the moon over the Needle?

Wilson Tsoi
"Blade Runner," a futuristic cityscape (reflection off of EMP) You're looking at the wall of EMP (notice the square slotted rivets.) Works for you?

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