by Soini Hannu

untitled seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Saturday 5th of February 2005 09:56:30 PM


Derek Scott
Need AWB adjustment.

Hannu Soini
WB done Thank You for your advice but the balance is ok in the scanner. This is how it looks..wellcome to Finland:)

Rod Melotte
Very nice shot - who cares about Whote Balance - I think it's better this color/ If it was white it would be just another snow shot - this gives it mystery!!

Composition is good, the eye starts at the 3rd black tree and travels down the hill to the street, then follows the street toward the light (like a moth LOL).

Hannu Soini
Nice comparison thank You- nice to know that the composition works for You...and the being an insect enthusiast "The Moth theory" is appealing:)

Aivar Mikko
Hieno kuva. Vaerisaevut ovat juuri mielenkiintoisia ja valotus on aika hyva.

Hannu Soini
Thanx for comment:) Some photos are best untouched. Thank Y again.

Hannu Soini
The Nikolai Church The Nikolai Church -the Pearl of The Baltic between snowstorms. comments are wellcome- Thank you.

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