"The Matrix"

by Tsoi Wilson

the matrix seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Saturday 5th of February 2005 09:28:36 PM


Jan Olof Härnström
Elegant and with very nice diagonals, lovely palette. Regards

Tony Georgiadis
A symphony of colors and composition.

Sarah Underhill
Great colors. Love the angle here.

Howard Dion
Wilson: This does not look real to me. Like you just walked outside and took a picture. Looks like something made at Pixar or Disney. 7/7 my friend.

Kim Slonaker
Very nice, Wilson. Well saturated colors, great detail and interesting perspective.

Nestor Botta
excellent as usual, Wilson. The title is kind of clich鬠though.

Igor Laptev
Excellent image!

Wilson, I meant the same :-)) RE

Paula Grenside
Awsome perspective and color effect, Wilson. The title, too, is perfect.

"...after work"? Which work? CR: I see you rooming around in the night, looking at the different objects even in more different angles. And sitting the day after with closed shutters in front of your PC, trying new formulars of processing with dozens of programs while your wife timidly is knocking at the door for offering the meal a second time. Work? When? RE

Christopher Appoldt
VERY well-seen! This is the first shot of this landmark I've seen like this...leave it to you, Wilson:)

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback, Appreciate all your comments! NESTOR: Thanks, but I just can't resist the resemblence between the yellow squares and the movie's graphics. KIM: Always appreciate your visit. PAUL: Thanks, Paul. You're just pulling my leg about the movie too, right? JAN: Thank you much for dropping in. HOWARD: Thanks, it was indeed quite unworldly once you can ignore all the parked cars at the pay lot and tilt your head 45 degree. SARAH: Always appreciate your perspective. TONY: So glad you like it, Tony. REINER: You probably got a lot of it right, RE, especially wife asking to have dinner for the umpteenth time! I meant work as in my day job in the office, (BTW, this one is unmanipulated.) Thanks for your CR and CL, RE. CHRISTOPHER: Thanks, and I'll leave it to you for bird pix from now on! HENRI: Thanks for your thorough analysis, appreciate it! IGOR: Glad you like it. PAULA: Thank you much for your kind words. Wils ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
BTW, I've put together a presentation which mostly contains "Seattle Center After Dark" images (shot with G3.)

Henri Manguy
A very nice modern painting. The reflection of the tower with the red top is what gives the great strength of this daring composition. I give you 7/7.

Donna Albers
A stunning image. . . nice bold lines and striking form and color contrast.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- Nothing to add that hasn't been said. I hate being late! Nicely seen and captured!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is actually my favorite of the needle abstracts. :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Reiner, Donna, Jayme, and Lou Ann, Thanks for visiting and comments. Appreciate it.

Wilson Tsoi
Does this reminds you of, "The Matrix"? Another night out with the G3 after work. This is metal sculpture at the EMP's roundabout. Feedback is welcome. Thanks. ^_^

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