Erotic pose # 11

by Amelkovich Igor

erotic pose nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 4th of February 2005 01:02:03 PM


Alex Robert
This is a very provocative pose, the angle and the lighting adds something to the suggestive aspect of it too ... Great model ,very erotic shot !

Christopher Jessee
Nice! I like how she's on her toes, makes it .... mmmm not erotic and erotic at the same time... I don't know.. great photo!

richard lloyd
A better "Waiting for..." I really appreciate your shots, the drama of pose and lighting in combination is truly striking. I find that the hair pull in this shot adds a level of tension that might have made the title "Waiting for..." even more appropriate for this shot. Truly a fantastic shot.

Igor Laptev

Bryan Karuk
Good image but I don't think the angle does justice to the shot. Had it been straight then it would have been much more intense and dramatic image!

Thomas Linn
I have to agree with Dave...the hair does make the picture more appealing. The angle will generate second...third...and maybe fourth looks.

Dave Gardner
7/7 I also love the's perfect. Also the tilt adds to the shot. The #1 thing i like about shot is how her long hair sets the shot off....i wonder if it would have worked if she had short hair. Dave

George Gray
angles and lighting make this a great photo. Thanks for sharing.

Joe Weisbrod
Had the floor and wall been horizontal this would have been an intense image. Add the sheer intensity of the diagonal and the viewer stays well off-balance. (I keep wanting to turn my head to the side to see better!)

Abel Teddy
great. Beautifull model!

Bousquet Francis
francis great position

Daren Holland
A7 - O7 Ultra sexy & brilliantly organised image. I can feel the heat off the screen from her stunning form and position. Well done.

Aivar Pärtel

fred moore
very hot

Graham Ord
Happy St. Valentines Day Finally I get to view some excellant erotic photography. I've seen too much "porn" all this work is very inspiring from lighting, composition, and exposure. I drool for the technique as much as for the subject matter

Peter Saucerman
After a while, these just seem so... lurid

Barry Mac Court

Corey Esposito
Are you allowed to post this here? Man, the heat is definitley on. Very nice diagonals.

shawn hagedon
grandmas beautiful

Hüseyin Tuncer

Igor Amelkovich
Erotic pose # 11 From erotic series.

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