"On the Edge"

by Tsoi Wilson

on the edge seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 4th of February 2005 06:33:45 AM


Zannie B
Great! Perfect ! The leaf is singing a happy song while being in the sun..

Paula Grenside
Great capture/angle, Wilson, and that leaf does shine.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- it took me a minute to get the perspective on this. The composition & light is wonderful. Kind of Yin/yang. To me, the perfect leaf looks to have it's arms stretched out happily. Enjoying the warm sun! I'm going to have to start looking down more often! Nice job!

Howard Dion
Perfection. A leaf sun bathing. Looks a bit warmer to me. More romantic!!

Igor Laptev
Very nice colors and composition.

Lee Jianmin
I love the light on this picture the makes the leaf stands out.

Kim Slonaker
Nice diagonal line down the middle. Great lighting and nice color contrast.

David McCracken
Spot the differences. This posting reminds me of something I have seen recently. The caption reads, 'Spot the 3 differences in these photos.

It is not rude but best not to let the children see!

Spot the 3 differences in these photos.

Flemming Rasmussen
On edge. Well done.

Pulok Pattanayak
Good composition; nice colours too.

Wilson Tsoi
David, thanks man. That was FREAKY!!!!! BTW, do I count this as an honest feedback? ^_^

David McCracken
Wilson Helium You are too quick! For feedback, see the earlier posting. I will remove the above comment if you wish! OK! I see it. More contrast and / or saturation in his one. There are 2 differences. This one is better!

Jean-Paul Nacivet
7/7 the picture is perfect so what? Well, go back to the inviting green leaves on the left next to you, you drowned by your dreams of eternal youth, a bit like plastic surgery sometime. Good, very good

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback. DAVID: I'm not into censorship, so it's fine to keep that link. Maybe I'll trick others to open it, lol! FLEMMING: Thanks for the compliment. JEAN-PAUL: How wonderful to get a visit from you. Thank you for taking the time and commenting! PULOK: Thanks, appreciate it. HOWARD: Thanks, I guess it does look like it's sun bathing! IGOR: Thank you, sir. JAYME: You're right, it's Yin-Yang time again. ^_^ PAULA: Always appeciate your feedback. ROSIE: Thanks for commenting. SPENCER: The lighting does help, thanks. KIM: Appreciate your visit. Wils ^_^

Alec Ee
Stumbled into this a bit late Wilson. A gem of lighting control. Love the clean colors of the leaf. Your exposure is superb.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Alec. Glad you found it.

Gary Stockton
On The Edge This is so much more than a frog on a lilly pad, Great stuff you have in this collection of captures. Keep up this work, wanting to see more.

Wilson Tsoi
"On Edge," to fall, or not to fall? Taken in middle of winter, but it sure looks like fall somehow. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for taking the time. ^_^

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