"Poised Duck"

by Tsoi Wilson

poised duck seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 4th of February 2005 06:29:09 AM


Howard Dion
Super Duck!

Allon Kira
Beautiful!! I also like the crop, here. Ha... I've just took notice to the title...GREAT:)!

Jim Goldstein
Drastically improved Good job on the sharpening. I think this is much better than it was before. The eye is essential to a good wildlife shot. Also thank you for your comment on my Garden of Eden photo.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback. ALLON: Always appreciate you visit. PAUL: Thanks for your in depth insight. Luckily, he was moving ever so slowly at the local winery's pond, which means slow speed, tame creature, and lots of time. DAVID: Yes, sir-ee, it was motion related. I tried to stay with ISO 200, (lowest,) as much as I can. Thankfully, he was slow moving and hardly anybody around. Shutter speed was 1/100th sec. ^_^

Pitman Lee
Very beautiful shot, the colours are just magical.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Thanks for your feedback, fellow PNers. SARAH: Thanks for commenting. JIM: It's amazing how important a sharp eye is to not only wildlife, but portraiture as well. Thanks for reminding! PITMAN: Thank you for your feedback. Always appreciate it. JOSEPH: Thank you sir, for taking a look. Wils ^_^

Joseph Bankowski
7/7 Another great shot.

Wilson Tsoi
Jim and Pulok, thanks. I see what you mean and had reloaded it above with a tad of sharpening. Michel and Howard, glad you like it. ^_^

Colin Carron
Almost surreal intensity of detail. I like the litle bow wave.

David Schoen
Iso 200, f8, cloudy means a slow shutter speed. Mallards seem to quiver part of their bodies very quickly. DOF here is reasonable but minimal. The sense of decreased sharpness is related to body movement. The beak and some of the feathers are very sharp; however, other parts are not. Unless you are shooting above 750th sec, this will happen. It is motion related not DOF related.

Jim Goldstein
Great profile The color and composition on this are fantastic. I am baffled about the sharpness though. Some parts of the duck seem incredibly sharp while others appear to be ever so slightly softer. I'm not sure if this is due to the DOF or if you've done selective sharpening. Any insight to this? I'd hate to think I'm over analyzing. Taking a step back this is just a great photo. Congratulations.

Pulok Pattanayak
Nicely composed one; sharpness is little bit less for the eye compared to other parts. Have you done it with purpose? Best of luck.

Sarah Underhill
Very nicely done!

Michel Eberhard
Hehe..I do like ducks ;)

Wilson Tsoi
"Poised Duck," a portrait of a Mallard . . . Quack, quack, have you seen my feather? Hmmmm.... could this be it? ^_^

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