"Feather in a Pond"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Thursday 3rd of February 2005 01:34:09 AM


Photo Fun
great shot

David McCracken
Yes Wilson It is possible.... just possible that this picture would be just as good without the feather. T/T

Walter Tatulinski
I think it's mine...give it back! Great photograph Mr Tsoi. Regards.

Stephen Forsyth
Its pretty obvious to anyone with even half a brain who this belongs too... So, one day Pegasus was flying over the African savanna, taking a much deserved holiday from battling Titians and the like, when he looked down and saw a herd of Zebra grazing below. And amongst this herd, was a vision of beauty! Her crew-cut mane was a blur in the savanna breeze, her great, round hips golden in the morning light... 'Caaaww, that's a bit o' alright!' Pegasus exclaimed. He swooped down towards her, through the herd and landed beside her with all the grase he could muster. Unfortunately, he forgot one thing... he was naked, and Miss Zebra could tell exactly how interested he was. 'Eww, get away from me, male! By the size of your manhood, I don't think your genes are good enough to mate with me... and besides, where are your stripes, your so plain and white looking...' Yes, folks, its a little known fact that zebra are actually fascist Nazi's. Now, you pick up on the irony here, of an animal that's a mix of black and white being racist. Good, cause this story needed some depth to it anyway. Pegasus was stunned. The love of his... summer holiday, rejected him! But being a determined mythical beast, he wasn't about to give up so easily! Oh no, to the shores of a lake he flew, and with the help of a nearby monkey, painted stripes of mud on his body and wings. The monkey gave him the thumbs-up, but then looked puzzled,'Pegasus, whats the phallic looking branch for?'. 'Em, its, its for, emm, gotta go!', and with a flap of his wings he was off. Back at the herd, Miss Zebra, being an inbred half-wit like most Nazi's, didn't realize the identity of her new suiter,'Oh my, you are a nice specimen, aren't you, such lovely black stripes( or is that white stripes?), and what a large example of manhood, although it does have a rather strange texture. Oh well, no matter, lets go behind the bushes! Anyway, to cut a long story short, this picture quite obviously represents the concept of Love is Blind. Why would Pegasus be interested in a Nazi, anyway? Surely he's better than that. Or maybe he thought he could change her? What happened when they went washing in the river together and the mud washed off? I think you can guess... he'd already slept with by then so he couldn't have cared less! ...I have way too much time on my hands...

Alec Ee
Amazing clarity and color tones here Wilson.

Howard Dion
This feather belongs to a Zebra. No wait, Zebras don't have feathers. Wils, absolutely awesome photograph.

Pnina Evental
Wilson, It belongs to Walter's hat, he lost it last week... beautiful details and sharpness. Pnina

Igor Laptev
Very nice image, Wilson!

Kim Slonaker
Very cool, Wilson. I like the contrast of the green against the brown/white feather.

Lee Jianmin
Wilson I felt so happy for you. It's really pleasing to the eyes. Thanks.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Okay - 5/4 or even 5/5 is ridiculous for this. It's fabulous, Wils!! I love the detail, the dof, the crop, the color ... the everything!! Wonderful work!! :-)

Robert Marleau
Great shot, well done!

CR: Getting more and more works of art WHILE still remaining photographs. Thats the point. RE

Pitman Lee
Beautiful clear capture, great dof.

Allon Kira
What a gentle image with perfect soft light and beautiful colors, great eye you have, Wilson, to capture this! Rgds, allon.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for taking the time, Really appreciate you feedback. LOU ANN: Thanks for commenting. Don't worry about the ratings. As long as you like it, as long as I like it, it's all good. ^_^ ROBERT: Appreciate your taking the time to comment. KIM: From the resident naturalist, that said a lot, thanks! SPENCER: So glad to hear of the pleasing effect on you. I'm going to have to try that myself sometimes. ^_^ ALEC: Thanks, man. Always appreciate your visit. PHOTOFUN: Thank you, and hope to know more of you. LOFT: Always glad for your visit. WALTER: Mr. Tatulinski, honor to have your presence. However, I'm afraid the rightful owner had already claimed it. ;^) McCRACKY: I know what you mean judging from your abstract pix. BTW, thanks for the T/T rating! PNINA: Thanks for commenting and I'll make sure to have one should I ever run in to Walter. ^_^ HOWARD: Very intersting point and humorous! STEPHEN: I'm glad I don't have to pay a per-word rate for comment because I'll go broke just on this reply alone. ^_^ What a story, Mr. Forsyth! You've got to put together a presentation with this. A wholesome essay with pictorial illustrations. I'll be checking in to see its progress! BILIANA: Thank you much for commenting, appreciate it. PAUL: Glad to hear from you, especially in the meditative state. RE: Always appreciative of your visit. PITMAN: Thank you, sir. Glad you think so. Wils ^_^

Sonia .
Very beautiful!

Wilson Tsoi
Allon, Sonia, Thank you very much for your feedback.

Wilson Tsoi
"Feather in a Pond," who does this belong to? Someone left this in a pond. Any guess on whose does this belong to? ^_^

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