"Walking in the Rain"

by Tsoi Wilson

walking in the rain seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 31st of January 2005 07:17:12 PM


Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback . . . Appreciate them all. SERGIO: Thanks. Yes, Rive Gauche is right there between the person and Notre Dame. SUHAIL: Thanks and glad you like it. JACK: Yes, the vertical symmetry along the horizontal axis (sounds too technical. ^_^) FRANCESCO: Always appreciate your visit! HOWARD: Thanks bud for the option. I actually had one composed per your suggestion, and I think that it works very well, too. This orientation was for comparison with the one posted in Sep-2004 folder. I do like your warmer toning, too. JAN: Thanks for dropping by and your feedback. Wilson ^_^

Jan Olof Härnström
Original and moody. Perfect movement in the figure. I like it. Regards.

Francesco Martini
very good and original image of Paris!!!!

Sergio Amodeo
6/6 Wonderful photo. I can feel the wet cold of Parisian winters... It looks like you shot it from "Rive gauche". Were exactly ? Well done !

Howard Dion
You find puddles of water no matter where you go. I like the image. I blurred figure is intriguing. Not sure about the composition.

6/6 Nice reflection I love the blurred image of the person with umberella. Good composition.

nice symmetry and motion idea. jh

Doug Hawks
Just plain terrific Wilson. This has such a sense of style and immediacy that it makes me think lovingly of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Great stuff, 7/7.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I like! Everything else has been said. Wouldn't change a thing, except hang it on "My" wall!

Paula Grenside
Beautiful Wilson, you make rainy days attractive.

Ken Beilman
I love Howard's comment: "You find puddles of water no matter where you go". LOL, it's entirely true! Nice moody feel to this one; great choice of tones and creative use of blur and slow shutter speed. Another great use of the A80.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/6 I LOVE this!! The reflection is wonderful ... the blur in the motion of the person against the great detail in the architecture in the background ... both in and out of the reflection! The tones you've chosen here are wonderful. Congrats!!

Wilson Tsoi
Doug, Jayme, Paula, Ken, Lou Ann Thank you all for chimming in. Appreciate you all taking the time.

Devaraj Janakiraman
Thats Amazing The picture leaves a hint of feeling which one feels during his lonliness.. Great picture

Nate Skinner
Love it! Very Cartier Bresson. I'd like to see more in this series

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Wilson . Beautiful composition and this color .

Wilson Tsoi
"Walking in the Rain," a Parisian pedestrian and a puddle of water. Shot during a rainy morning in Paris. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for taking the time.

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