"A Night in Seattle"

by Tsoi Wilson

a night in seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 31st of January 2005 07:13:34 AM


Pnina Evental
What I like here Wilson, is the angles( and there are some of them), and the " swing" of the composition, Well done. Pnina

Howard Dion
Truely other wordly image. Twilight Zone thinking. More Tsoism at its best. Question: Was the moon there or did you help things along. The tilt adds class IMHO.

Pitman Lee
Very nice, you are not happy enough with just one focal point lol. :0)

Ben Goossens
Interesting pict... well done.

David McCracken
You strike again! Helium, Take a G3 from work and ship it to McCracky. I think I prefer the other one. The bushes, the wall and the building between the fountain and the 'spaceship' kind of spoils it.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- the fountain gives me the feeling it's looking up at the Needle. LOL The perspective being off balance adds a great lead for my eyes, from the fountain to the Needle to the Moon. How wonderful! Creativity at it's best! I love it!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks . . . Appreciate everyone's honest feedback. PITMAN: Yeah, since I was out for the night, might as well shoot as many as I can. BEN: Really appreciate your rare visit. McCRACKY: Helium can't ship G3, Helium will loose job. Yes, the other take is more interesting while this gives viewers a more traditional look, a true representation of the locale. HOWARD: Indeed it can be spacy around here. The moon was at left of the Needle that night. I shot it separately at couple stops less exposure, and put it to the right (see tech detail also.) PNINA: Thanks for your visit. I felt the tilt communicates movement and helps accentual a futuristic feel. JAYME: Thanks. You put it best! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Night in Seattle," thoughts? Take a G3 from work out for a short run on Friday night. Feedback is welcome. BTW, here's another shot from the same night.

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