Naked with wheel.

by Amelkovich Igor

naked with wheel nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 29th of January 2005 02:05:30 PM


Alex Milarakis
An excellent photo with perfect lighting and composition. congrats !

Tammy V.
The tones are fantastic.

Daryl Ashby
Original. Strong. Commands your attention. Very interesting.

Marco Brivio

Norbert Felzl
PERFECT in all kinds of nude photography. regards. norbert

Rosco Boswell
Best Yet ... Have been watching your stuff for quite some time now, and though I'm not always as wild about your industrial nudes as other folks often are, I have to say that this is a truly beautiful piece of work. I think it may be your best yet! Keep up the good work, it's photos like your that keep me coming back (and contributing) to Photo.Net!

Larry McGarity
Maybe not original but very nice all the same.

ricardo yamamoto
Very nicely done. Very good light.Very good model choice. Very pleased, thank you

Jim Swenson
Igor, another great shot.

Aivar Pärtel

Cavagna Ottavio
very good...compliment

Don Lobo Tiggre
3/3 ???? Who the F*** could rate this photo a 3/3???? Even if you don't like art nudes (in which case I think you should skip them, rather than let your personal issues drag someone else down), there is NOTHING below average about this photograph. Beautiful shot, Igor. And even if you've done a few with the wheel, I still find it more original than a lot of the nudes posted here ... and the light, detail ... ah ... everything so well done. But that's what I've come to expect of you.

martin forget
Ciment I like the crisp texture of the wall behind it gives statue form to the model. Excellent work as usual! Keep going.

Angel Pena

Jennifer Dart
Beautiful blend of a soft body and a solid object.

Aguiar Thierry
Wondeful! It's magic!

Al Li
Way above average, excellent photo. Always beautiful technique and a pleasure to view.

Frunze Verdi
Front-wheel-drive + + +

Eduard K
Great composition, excellent light!

yalcin bocugoz
Perfect 7/7 Beatiful ,dramatic..,telling the story of mankind?..wonderful, congrats.

Vladan Andrejevic DRAW
good lighte

You have a inspiring portfolio.

Zack Phillips
Great shot, great tone. Not crazy about the dead space at the top of photo though. Overall very nice.

Hoang Tran
I love every bit of this foto, from skin tone to the management of line flowing, and the contrast of textures. If someone can carved this out of stone that it could be placed somewhere in the Louvre. IMHO you could crop the top a bit more.

Abel Teddy
As usual great works. I like that composition

Peter Saucerman
Always excellent technical work.

Gerry H
gorgeous image Igor 7/6

Sean Joyce
Excellent work - top marks. This is art.

Paul Savage
All of your work if GREAT.

Isaac Madera
7/7 My favorite by far. If you could rate up to ten, I'd give you an 11/11 This would have my vote for sure. ...Simply beautiful

Carlos M
This is a very good photo but the gallery is excellent!

Igor Amelkovich
Naked with wheel. Not original, but...

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