"The Emerald City"

by Tsoi Wilson

the emerald city seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 29th of January 2005 10:15:02 AM


Wilson Tsoi
FWIW, here are other Seattle Center images: EMP, Pacific Science Center, Space Needle (near entrace), Space Needle reflection on EMP, Detail of EMP, and Space Needle again. Hmmmm...may it's time for a Seattle presentation, think, think, think, . . . ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all fellow PNers for your input. Yes, it is a puddle of water in front of the Key Arena with the the Space Needle reflection in it. Jayme, that's pretty funny, "Homeless in Seattle," eat ornamental cabbages. I'll remember that survival skill just in case. Better yet, I'll trick out-of-town visitors to plug them off gardens . . . Paula, I can't complain. One of the best places to on earth to live in. Reiner, half-a-page, one word, however you like to say it, I always value your CR and CL. ^_^

Lionel Dupre
BRILLIANT ! I did not know these colours could marry so well ... (now I know thanks to you)

A.K. Sircar
Truly a superb capture.

Paula Grenside
Hi Wilson I have a dear friend who lives in Seattle and she loves it, speaks great of it. This is an original capture and the appellative of green is well deserved. Very good.

Alex Mehl
Absolutly Seattle in a puddle! Was that a streetlight like a mercury-vapor or a neon to cast the green hue? Great photo. Regards

Kim Slonaker
I had to look at this one awhile to figure it out. I thought you had done some heavy manipulation at first, Wilson. (I like to look before reading the comments). Finally figured it out and thought it was pretty cool! I tend to see duckweed more than emeralds, but that's me. :) It's still very interesting to look at.

CR: Half a page or not any comment. Thats my choice. You know me - I choose the second possibility because of lazyness ... 7/7 Hand, RE

Pitman Lee
You must be constantly looking downwards when you walk, Your reflection photos are excellent!

Mnlo Lopes
I love this kind of images, reflected in the water. Great work!

kasman taslim
u really have a good eye. i love your work.

David McCracken
Not sure! Not sure if this works as you want it to Helium, but it is a rather clever picture!

Howard Dion
If you look at this image first thing in the morning when you haven't finished your first cup of coffee and you haven't read any of the words, you go..."Oh My God The Emerald City!" Then our course your mind snaps back to reality and you say, "What the heck am I looking at!" Yea, Wils. I'd say this works.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I'd have to say this works. I was in Seattle about 10 years ago. It tops my list of most favorite places to go. One thing that struck my eye was the ornamental cabbage growing in November, outside of our hotel! I had truly never seen cabbage used as landscaping. It was beautiful. You know me, always thinking. I thought geez, if I was "Homeless in Seattle", I could always eat their ornamental cabbage! LOL But seriously, Seattle is one of the best kept secrets of the West. Even though it rained almost everyday, I didn't mind it, it was a warm rain, and the city was so interesting and beautiful! Nice job conveying this!

Lee Jianmin
I love the wet floor and the reflection.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your honest feedback . . . LIONEL: Thanks. Always glad you drop by. A.K.: Thanks. Glad you like it. PITMAN: Thanks, and yes. However, it's very habit-forming, let me warn you. TUHIN: Appreciate your feedback. Do you mean you feel there is too much green area? I hope I read it right. RAY: Thanks. It's been a while, so glad to hear from you. Wilson ^_^

Ray Wei
Now, that's "Downright" creative. :D 6/7

Tuhin Saha
very creative , proportion of green is bit more Wilson !

Watermark of Merni
Superb!!I could look at this for hours.

Wilson Tsoi
"The Emerald City," Seattle, Washington, a view through a puddle . . . Trying to communicate Seattle's nickname, "The Emerald City," through a photograph. Works?

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