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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 28th of January 2005 02:57:38 PM


John Peri
Thanks Alex. Glad you liked it.

Don Lobo Tiggre
Statuesque ... ... is not the word that would have come to my mind. She's gorgeous, of course, but, in spite of what is clearly a marvelous body, it's her face that really catches my attention. It's not just pretty, but very expressive ... seems to communicate volumes. The picture doesn't excite me sexually, but makes me want to ask her questions -- find out what would make her laugh. I guess that's what makes it art, and not pron. Another great shot.

John Peri
Thank you Don. What I meant by sculptural was kind of lending itself to artistic imagery. A very expressive personality all around and that is what I tried to capture.

Michael Raddatz
She may have Picassoesque form, I'll be looking for what else you see.

Iztok X
sexy also agree with expression but also find her very sexy too. just like to see her back bent to the back not front

William R. Hayes
You are the best!

Al Li
A very unique angle, beautiful woman. You have composed the image so very tastfully, a real work of art. Wonderful image.

David McCracken
If I may......... John, A very interesting shot. It does remind me of picture entitled 'Samurai.'

It will be interesting to see how the comments develop on this picture of yours.

John Peri
Fireplace I find that this model has a sculptural presence ...

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