"Smile for a Camera" (click LARGER for a bigger smile) ^_^

by Tsoi Wilson

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Gallery: Animals & Wildlife

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Category: Nature

Published: Friday 28th of January 2005 04:48:13 AM


Kim Slonaker
Wilson, I get something weird when I click on your link - not a picture, but something in FAQ, I think.

Wilson Tsoi
Oops... thanks, Kim for the heads up. Just fixed it. It's a link to an earlier gekko shot. This A80 shot here was taken at wide angle setting (seems to be optimal for macro without external attachments,) while the linked gekko was taken with 80-200 at the long end. Thanks for inspiring us all with your animal pix. I'm working on the pajama and bunny slippers, but afraid I might scare away an entire animal kingdom. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Gold Dust Day Gecko, ("Phelsuma Laticauda") Thank you all fellow PNers for your feedback. Yeah, he's real all right. I shot this little guy along with his shy buddy. They were singing, "We Are Family," before I played paparazzi on them. Yes, I think of Kim immediately whenever I see lizards (it's a compliment.) Ken, RE, pretty funny you both asked, because I actually led a small class of basic, digital photography last Saturday morning at a beach park next to Edmonds ferry dock. How coincidental! ^_^

Ken Beilman
Wils You should hold a seminar on how to maximize the A80's capabilities. If you do, sign me up!

CR: Its not the animal - of course. It is the unbelievable composition! Adorable. RE

Jarad Patko
Gorgeous color, nice pop, interesting texture and composition, intriguing

Sondra Kicklighter
Nice photo, brilliant colors, are you sure he is real? Cheers, Sondra

Howard Dion
This is one of Kim's friends. Wilson, not sure about the amount of area below the red blur. Does this mean that any camera in the hands of a good photographer gets good results?

Pnina Evental
Wilson, that is a real " decorated" creature...beautiful colored composition! Pnina

Ken, I really had the same idea today, so WILSON, sign me up too (I am sure the knowledges are transformable to some other models too..) RE

Kim Slonaker
This reminds me of one of my lizard shots jazzed up with color! Of course I love it, Wilson - how could I not!?

Gaetan Chevalier
7/6 Very nice shot, the colors are superb.

Wilson Tsoi
"Smile for a Camera," pressing a digicam into wildlife service . . . Pushing a Canon A80 in to wildlife work . . . works?

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