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by Peri John

k nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 27th of January 2005 06:55:59 PM


Stefan Zimmermann
King of the flash Again, a fantastic shot with simple lightning. You are the king of flash lit nude shots. Which I could handle a flash gun like this.

Stefan Rohner
please forgive me... a great girl, yes.. but the photograph is nothing special. her posing, her "look", the nervous background and that shadow behind here..... it is like always, "sex sells" regards Stefan

Thomas Collins
Nice to see you made it back safely! This photo is great. Leave the cropping as-is. I like it when it is obvious that the model is having a good time.

John Peri
Thanks Don, you have used a couple of key words there which are fun and relaxation ...

John Peri
Sure Rogerio, but then you could also crop it as a portrait.

Aguiar Thierry
It looks like ... a natural shot. Not a great photo, but a good one :-)

Michael Sebastian
whaaat? Crop, don't crop. Verticals vertical, horizontal, or contralateral. Black and white, monochrome, or pink-polka-dotted. Who cares? nice image of a woman so stunningly beautiful that it causes fibrillation. She is an absolute natural before the lens, for which you John get some of the credit :) Nice work. mike sebastian

Angel Pena
I love it. The detail in the robe. The light is simple but wonderful, it shows direction and enhances the beauty of her perfect skin. As always, your models show confidence, thats a plus. I usually dont like to crop or be cropped. If I do it is to give the photo a sense of format... I like the crop suggested, tho... it helps with the fact that the lower right corner of the image is a lil bit odd.

Rogerio Lemos
Great light and detail. very good. I made a crop of it, see if you like it. Regards

Don Lobo Tiggre
Sweet! John, I almost hate to say it, but I continue enjoying your "casual" work better. Maybe it's the sense of relaxed fun the models radiate that just makes the images work for me. Whatever: great photo.

Tomek Gooseberry
but 3/4-length still IS a portrait! Regardless of how much of her you show or crop, I'd still consider it a portrait, John. Rogerio's crop makes greater impact on me; guess it's more "focused," so to speak.

John Peri
Stefan, it's difficult to answer this. I am myself a little disturbed when I see that the majority of pictures on the most rated pages are of nudes, since I include my own work in that category. Of course "sex sells". We use it to promote everything, that is what makes the world turn around. To return to this picture however and glamour photography in general, beyond the lighting, shadows and the rest, I think that what will largely determine the success or not of this kind of work is the expression you capture and how much of the charisma of the model you bring into evidence. This is a pop art carefree vision of the world and it represents to me what differs between a "fine art" study and a candid "glamour" shot, even though both are in the nude. I think that there is room for this approach and we must judge each photo in the category to which it belongs. I don't think it is true to say that all photos of a nude are succesful. Some are a disaster! That being said, it is as silly to give high points to a picture just because the subject is naked as it is to do the opposite. Thank you for your comment.

David McCracken
Cropping debate! Let me avoid the cropping debate. As a person who tilts the camera a lot, I tend to see it in other pictures. The verticals not being vertical in this picture does make it a touch difficult to look at. I think you would have got away with this, had there not been a shadow. I am not sure if you (or anyone else) gets what I am meaning but I feel better for having said it. Keep them coming!

Stefan Rohner
Hello John.... I am glad that you see it like this..... in your portfolio are very good nudes..... best regards Stefan

John Peri
Thanks Angel. I think that almost any crop is possible with a photo like this, though I do agree about there being preferences of course. In this particular case however, my opinion is that the frankness of the full pose is what gives it it's charm.

Paul Konigsberg
very natural. good use of contrast

Ted Mehl
It's obvious the model is very relaxed. Nice capture. I just don't like the shadow caused by the strobe on the wall behind her.

Joe Baker
she,s smilling, i like her smile

John Peri
Bathrobe Just a casual nude portrait ..

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