Silencio # 2

by Amelkovich Igor

silencio nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 27th of January 2005 03:07:05 PM


Rusty Dallas
Pollution? While beautiful the struggles of this world are not diplayed. Shouldn't an editorial speak for itself?

Andras Gyorgy EDLER
I'm glad to hear that you're interested in protecting the environment! Besides, the picture is superb! 7/7

Aivar Pärtel

David McCracken
A breath of fresh air! I see you have brought a breath of fresh air to this polluted place.

Marco Brivio
Incredible work. No words. Excellent use of the diagonal and superb B&W

Elwin Estle
Very eerie and surreal. Bet your model just loved laying out on that surface, musta been comfy, hehe.

Eduard K
Original composition

Owen O'Meara
Igor This is wonderful, period. 7/7 -Owen

Don Lobo Tiggre
Outstanding ... ...even among your own work, which is always excellent. There is something particularly poetic about this image.

Ján Hronský
Brilliant, no doubt about putting this on my wall :o) Dodo

Paul Konigsberg
an angel without snow. nice idea; perfect control of levels 6/6

Ted Mehl
Why is she blindfolded?

Peter Saucerman
Never a face, eh?

Wow, unique 7/7 composition, tonal contrast - beautiful form, beautiful body

Marco Giardini
everything is perfect. The model first! .oesse.

Paul Orsenigo
Igor, you are my idol. the amazing backgrounds, insanely gorgeous models, and mastery of your camera are so commendable. I aspire to be at your level someday.

Igor Amelkovich
Silencio # 2 City of Karabash - one of the most polluted places of a planet. Here hundred years back grew powerful fur-trees.

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