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Gallery: 6. Nude & Scantily Clad Girls

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Published: Wednesday 26th of January 2005 11:19:16 PM


Owen O'Meara
David You are correct. -Owen

Jim Trombley
While I don't tire of nudes, I do tire of this..... pose, look and subject matter (be it bear, soda or whatever) has been done to death.....

David McCracken
Angel, Doreen, Owen and Keith Angel, I am glad that you like this (or at least the 2nd one!) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Doreen, I am glad this picture amused you. That was part of the idea. There was not meant to be any trick as to how the walnuts stayed in place, however I can see how you would be a little confused at first.

As to this past time. If Annette Bening is beside you then it is done lying down. If you are in the shower, it is done standing up!

Since both you and Owen seem to want to see more on this theme, I will see what I can do!

Owen, the fact that you like both makes me twice as happy!

Keith, Do you think Sigmund would be interested in the photograph, my mind, or both?

Thanks everyone!

Angel Pena
I like the second alternative, the balls look so much better. Man, it's cool .

Owen O'Meara
David This is truly a thing of sublime beauty, being a lover of the beer in question. I will assume that it is a harbinger of more to come, at least ci hope so I will send this to a couple of my friends as well as my son who loves the golden brew. Well done as usual. 6/6 -Owen

David McCracken
Robert / Owen Robert, Thanks for the comment. This was a bit of a challenge for me. I am glad it reminds you of your teen years and twenties. For me, it reminds me of my 40s...... I only took it last week.

Owen, Alas there is no series to this. I did take another version with another model, posted here for your comparison. (I hope Robert likes it too!) Maybe you would like to give me your thoughts on it. I may upload it sometime later as a stand alone image to see what the reaction to it is! However, I was not 100% happy with it!

Thanks to you both.

Doreen Wyatt
David, these are my favorites of your recent photos. While I find the second one more aesthetically appealing, the first one is somehow more humorous. I believe that it was your choice of nuts (walnuts have a great texture). Also, I enjoyed the guesswork as to how the walnuts were staying in place (it took me a short time to realize that she was lying down). The 1st photo gives the illusion that the model is standing, which made me wonder which position is most common for this pastime. Like Owen, I'm a bit disappointed that there is not more to come of this series. The humor in these is as refreshing as a cold beer. Both are great photos!

Robert Farnham
Rolling Rock! Relaxes and Refreshes...but makes some little messes... I like this one David. Reminds me of my teen years...(ok, and my twenties...)

luca patrone
Dear David It is not a matter of taste between oranges or other fruits, my message is different: any original idea that you can have and decide to transform in a shot, must be realized without forgetting "aestetics". What I said is that your picture is extremely original. 7 points. But it is not a picture is pleasent to see! It is, in italian is "banale", that means simple and "flat" another "second side": it is hurting for a female looking at it (I'm not speaking for me, I showed your picture to same couple of friends) So my suggestion was to use the deep of field to mitigate the flatness of the shoot, use different planes and try to shot creative, but not porno CIao! Luca

David McCracken
Jim / Edgar Jim, Just where exactly have you seen this done to death. As far as I am aware I am the only person on this site posting shots like this. (An Eagle is an eagle is an eagle. They all look alike to me!) Might I suggest if you are tiring of this, that you look at the work of others. There is a wealth of talent out there. Please refrain from venting your own frustration at your own inability to photograph nudes on me!

Edgar, What is a fridge? ;-)

Owen O'Meara
David I like both of them for different reasons.I think I like the rirst one better but that could change as I look at them both one at a time again. In any event I am thankful that the prop arrived and I hope it will be used again. -Cheers

David McCracken
Luca Let me make it clear. I do not like cruelty to animals. However, if you depicted a cat in a microwave or a frog in a liquidiser or anything along those lines I would applaud you as long as you told me no animal was hurt. I even dealt with the subject of animal cruelty in this picture here.

The choice of walnuts was not my first choice. My first choice was kiwi fruit as seen in the 2nd image. Your points about oranges (or other fruit) may or may not be valid. I think this is just a matter of having a difference of opinion.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jim Trombley
David I see many things here that I like and many that I don't like. I look at most all the new images that are posted on PN and some I find are not to my style or liking but then I know there are many others out there that wish and hope to see more of a particular type of image. I'm not referring to just nudes either.... I get bored with images of closeup single flowers to and macros of insects and digital alterations.... If I chose to express myself about some of these types of images I try and keep it to the technical aspects however there are times when some comments set me off. Perhaps I need to quit reading the critiques on those images that make me yawn or cringe... As for your assumption of a friendship with Luca, while I do have a friend of the same name living in Italy, This Luca is not the same one. However after looking at his website I see that I could learn a great deal from him and his style of photography. Perhaps when I finally make my trip to Italy I'll have a chance to meet him. BTW 25 out of 56 of the images in this particular folder have the same theme with either food or drink.... I still think a bit overdone.... but you're right, you go your way and I'll go mine and keep from commenting on your work. regards and best of luck!!

David McCracken
For Laurie Laurie, I find I have to correct myself. I did deal with this subject twice before and not once as I mentioned. It was dealt with first in 'Healthy Obsession' and again with 'Healthy Obsession II.' I really did think I only posted the 2nd version as a comment to the first. I guess I am getting forgetful in my old age.

As for your comment about her left hand being in or out of the picture, it doesn't bother me but I see your point. However, your mention of the 'tissue' is priceless. You know I am going to have to take it again!

Jim Trombley
David I chose not to photograph nudes simply because I don't care to. As for this being done to death..... your own portfolio answers that question. Seems to me you're stuck on wanting to photograph a nude with most all types of beverages between the legs of or in front of them..... The first few were interesting but now the novelity has worn off. It seems that if one want to get any type of reaction, good, bad or indifferent to an image and is interested in any types of rating then they must post nudes...... by far the most viewed and rated images seen here. You have commented on others work that a particular pose or subject matter has been overdone yet you yourself are guilty of the same thing. Can't have it both ways.

David McCracken
Jim (again) Fine Jim! I find a lot of the photos on this site boring too. I usually pass them by unless the photographer is genuinely interested in learning. However, when I find something I don't like I usually pass it by. I would much prefer to look at things that I do not find boring.

luca patrone
About Crativity... Dear Dave, I'm with you if you say this picture is made to that. And I'm with you if you show me your picture "orgasm" and tell it is orginal. So we rank pictures for creativity and aestetichs. My is probably 1 creativity, and somethink more aestetichs. Orgasm is really high creativity, but I think that you can not kill aestetics this way. I mean that if I put a cat in a microwave, turn it on and take pictures, so, it would be CREATIVE. but nobody would like my shot. The really hard think is to but them togher. I will post some shot were I tried to do that. Caming back to "orgasm": I think that in any creative picture, there should be always a "mood" and an explanation for ALL. So I nderstand the bottle of beer, the girl, but really I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE BALLS. You putted them inside the pictures, because YOU NEED to do, but there is not the aestetich explanation on them. What I would make, I if decided to take the picture "orgasm", is to put in a foreground plane, for example, 2 marble balls, or 2 oranges /apples in a craddle of fruit, and taking the shot aliging the oranges with the base of the bottle, and leaving them out of focus. Luca Patrone

Owen O'Meara
David Have a Rolling Rock and forget all of this nonsense. -Cheers

David McCracken
Luca Whatever! Forgive me if I do not get into a debate with you. I want to take more pictures and look at more work of others. Your points are noted.

David McCracken
For Owl Owl, I believe there are people who like this beer. Thanks!

David McCracken
Jim Jim, It is good to know that you have looked at all of my portfolio. Less than half the photographs I have taken contain nudes and ONLY ONE other deals with this subject. (Not exactly done to death!) The beer cans 'MAY' have been done a lot but that was because I was encouraged and requested to do so. I am far more likely to respond 'photographically' to comments from the likes of Owen and Doreen (comments above) who want to see more than to the likes of you who would rather I didn't take these photos.

As I have already said, there is a wealth of talent on this site. Why? Why would you spend so long looking at and commenting on something you find boring and repetative?

I didn't get it at first but I suspect Luca Patrone with this picture is a friend of yours. Yes I said that picture had been done to death and I feel it has. However, I have not seen any other photographer who has taken on the subject matter depicted here in my picture, and dealt with it in the way I have, anywhere else. Please correct me if I am wrong. I really am here to learn!

You stick to what you like and I will stick to what I like. Who knows, maybe, just maybe you will see something you really like!

David McCracken
For Marco Marco, It is nice to be appreciated. I do like to turn my fantasies into images. It is nice to know that someone appreciates this. Thanks!

Sandy Vale
Fantasies Mind Blowing Fantasies!!!!!!As good as it gets????

Marco Brivio
Great fantasy and creativity you have !

David McCracken
Nestor I did try a few poses but felt this was the best. The lighting could be better (or at least different.) I chose this particular shot simply because the bottle came out the best in this one! Thanks!

Nestor Botta
Very good idea, you've done it well. I would try some other poses, even some more subtle lights...

Sandy Vale
????? Straight over your heads!! I should have made it a statement not a question lol. That about sums it up!!!!!!

Fran Garcia
you porfolio is very good...thank for sharing

David McCracken
Fran Thanks for your appreciation. I will try to keep my portfolio interesting.

Josh Sauer
I'm sorry I didn't join this site sooner. I rather enjoy this picture and can see not only some humor in it, but also some good composition. I think this is a good piece of art, and does a good job of telling the story behind the title.

Owen O'Meara
David. I told you years ago that Rolling Rock would always spark discussion. -Cheers

David McCracken
Josh Thanks for the comment Josh. I am not sure how you stumbled upon this image as it has been on this site for quite a while. That said, I am glad that you did stumble on it. As for this site. I am of the opinion there is more talent here I don't know about than talent I do. I am sure you will continue to find photographers and photographs you like.

David McCracken
Rolling Rock! Relaxes & Refreshes! Do you think the makers of 'Rolling Rock' would approve of my advertising theme?

Rolling Rock! Relaxes and Refreshes!

Feedback very much appreciated..... and anticipated.

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