"Lunch at St. Helen"

by Tsoi Wilson

lunch at st helen mount seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 24th of January 2005 09:17:33 AM


Aaron Falkenberg
Wow, I'm impressed! How one earth did you get so close at such an angle?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks guys for your feedback. I just wanted to add to the A80 Hand-Held Images presentation. It is my attempt at showing what one can achieve with a small digicam. You all might have fun checking it out. As for this shot, I handheld the A80 down low and frame with its flip-screen while I attracted him with bread crumbs in my left hand. BTW Stephen, interesting story (see the same cloud still in the pic.) ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for visiting and feedback. I trust that this fellow kept you entertained to one degree or another. Paul, I consulted our in-house expert, (8-year-old daugther, Rikki,) before bed-time, and she had confidently declared it a, "Cascade Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel." Upon further research, I had found its scientific name, "Spermophilus saturatus." I personally like, "Godzilla" better. ^_^

Lee Jianmin
Ok. Now i understand the gesture. Grateful and thank you. Super shot.

Kim Slonaker
At first glance, I thought this was a composite. Cool perspective and a fun shot, Wilson.

Kay C
Lots of laughs... Thanks for sharing, Wilson. I cannot stop laughing... This guy should be the official Mt. St. Helens model. The details are amazing, too.

Allon Kira
What a great close up with a fantastic angle!!! I still don't understand how you get such photos with the A80. Also, a great title :) Cheers, allon.

Stephen Forsyth
Ahh, cute-somes, but you can't hide that suspicious cloud rising from St Helen's from me! 'Oh look folks, a cute animal, ain't he cute, folks... no, ignore the smoking volcano, cute animal, we're perfectly safe, perfectly safe, the fur will shield us!'. Emm, sorry?

Ken Beilman
wow!!! Super sharp and crisp with a great bg. Nicely composed with an interesting subject matter.

Howard Dion
Well done Wils. Okay, Uncle Sally or Aunt George. No, I mean Uncle George or Aunt Sally! This meets the criteria for Howard's challenge because this little guy is the offspring of Mr & Mrs Friendly of the Mount St Helen Friendlys.

Gabriella Lucia
Wilson, you were pretty close here. I am surprised this squirrel didn't snap at you for moving in on his lunch.

Colin Carron
Great shot, Wilson! I'm smiling and I haven't had breakfast yet. Usually a cup of coffee or two is needed before I try smiling. Just don't let him loose anywhere near New York's bridges.

Some Body
Squirrel-zilla Wonderfully creative. Superb shot for a snap-and-shoot camera. My only nit is that I wish that you had moved a little to the left, so that the mountain was in full view. This would really have given him that "Godzilla" effect.

CR: Super funny fluffy! CL: Too massive, I see it breaking up the frame! RE

Bente Nielsen
Great close up .... so sharp and clear .. and this "Godzilla" seems to have a nice personality .... and to be hungry.

Wilson Tsoi
Paul, RE, Bente, and Jayme, Always appreciate the honest feedback. Thanks. ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- the perspective on this makes him look huge! LOL. Nice and sharp and close! My little backyard critters refuse to get very close, only if I'm inside, will they come up to the window and peer in at us! LOL. The detail is wonderful!

Hashim A
Wilson, Wonderful image... nice to come across something like this from time to time. I especially like the warm tone to the little guy and the detail you've presented in the fur. Great title as well. :o)

Maria Di Liegro
This is great, everything about it! That's rare to get a shot such as this, and you did it ... your photos show what a talent you are!

Jim Goldstein
If you could brave it... and equipment permitting a wider angle would have made this even better. I want to see more of the background, but I'm twisted that way. Fun shot!

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
LOL Wilson, this is way too funny. I have to give it a 7/7!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Gosh, I get behind and see what kind of stuff I miss! :-) Wilson, this is great! :-) Impressive that you got so close and were snapping away. Regards!

Wilson Tsoi
Hashim, Jerry, Jim, Maria, Lou Ann, Thank you all for your feedback. Appreciate your taking the time.

C. G.
Wow! This is one of the coolest photos i've ever seen! Well done! I love your work, so much variety and all superb quality! cg

Jim Dockery
Great shot, but . . . you should know not to feed wildlife. Just because you want a picture, he's cute and little, and everyone does it, doesn't make it right. Habitating wild animals to human food isn't in their interest (although they don't know it) it can also be dangerous for the humans - a friend of mine was bitten by a squirrel and had to go through rabies tests.

Marek Novotny
Very nice with excellent light!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Godzilla attacks! Oh well, here we go. Comments are welcome.

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