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Published: Sunday 23rd of January 2005 08:37:48 PM


Rusty Dallas
Pornographic? But well executed!

Elwin Estle
Excellent tone, sort of a black and white bronze look.

Daniel Benoit
Chain ruins a otherwise beautiful shot

M. H.
6/6 Beautiful model and great lighting. Composition is a bit boring and I agree regarding the comment on the chain, but I still like the photograph as a whole. 6/6 Cheers Misha

Elwin Estle
I disagree, I think the chain is part of what makes the shot.

Angel Pena
I love the tone and the way the light reflect off her skin. The scan is flawless and the model is in her own league.

Al Li
Beautiful tone and love her expression.

fred moore
very very hot

CheKim Chhuor
Oh my God, unbelievably pretty and well done!

Allan Hogan
Great shot A brilliant glamour shot

Aguiar Thierry
How wonderful it is! and Katka is a real beauty!

Thomas Collins
A picture perfect fantasy! Love the tonal range, the beautiful model, the pose and everything. The chain works for me. Outstanding!

James Vincent Knowles
EXQUISITE Would LOVE to see her eyes looking right at the camera. Wonderful photo! 7/7 - Keep 'em coming! Bravo!

frans hartman
what a perfect picture!!!! 7/5

Jim Swenson
Agree with Daniel, perfect except for the chain.

Aaron W
Very nice skin texture and tone

Eduard K
Excellent skin tones!

Chris Minor
I'm guessing this was a color photo converted to black and white. Either case that is a great set

Milan Krepelka
jo Dodo, to je dobre

Geoff Smith
wow. Skin tone amazing. 7/6

Milos Mashed
This taking is beautiful, likes the treatment of color that you give.... 6/6. Parfaite expression d'art.

Jerry Hagan
Amazing Shot 7/6 Outstanding shot, excellent lighting and skin tones. Kudos.... ~jerry

Ralf Zenker
hi, this is a wonderfull shot! perfect light, great looking girl and a good location - perfect :-) like your portfolio also... greets, ralf:-)

Peter Saucerman
A bit too trite - like a skin mag.

Barry Mac Court
very sexy

Daniel Benoit
Loose the chains that bind you.

franka bades
wow, excellent light, spectacular model, cheers

Daniel Benoit
I agree with the above comment. And the chain just make me think she is peeing.

mark williams
fabulous.... sexy, smooth. Wonderful skin tone and with the un-tan area and the chain, your eyes just bounce back and forth trying to choose wich part is sexier. the lighting of her breasts are just right and as for the type of nipples.... any other type/style wouldn't have been the same.

Max Torpey

this is my first comment on any one but i really love this pic the symmetry, lighting and pose is amazing and i love it the only thing i could say with this pic is that the face on her is to forced maybe with the head back and the mouth slightly more open would give a better feel to it but none the less the cemetery and how it is centered and balanced is exquisite

Ján Hronský
Katka Swimming pool shooting with Katka

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