Nude girl

by Gauthier Philippe

nude girl gauthier philippe

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Published: Wednesday 1st of August 2001 01:27:51 AM


Peter Leyssens
Aesthetics 7, Originality 4 A nude that's more interesting than a typical nude. I like the dreamy expression.

rob mccool
lovely You have helped her look lovely and considerate- as compared to so many nudes who look brain-dead.

David Walters
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Really lovely composition.

I love this image because it is different than the run of the mill nudes I usually see here. Nice lighting and great use of selective focus. Keeps my eye on that dreamy expression of hers. I hope she's dreaming of you though I wish it were me she was dreaming of here. Nice lines and pose.

G .
Very pensive. You capture an aura about her. I like this perspective, very original.

Vahe Peroomian
This is such a great way to express your love for someone... I love the dreamy feel of the photo.

John Pike
It is refreshing to see a nude that does not focus on nudity. The young woman's expression is great.

Enzo D'Amario
Dreams I really like the eyes expression. Some kind of a dream cream was captured here...

marc holloway
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 nice face soft contrast

Walter Iglesias
7/7 Good use of depht of field.Love the felling it beams.

Michael Castellano
Intimate A nude that's eclipsed by the warmness and intimacy captured in this wonderful shot. It reminds me of that time in the morning when we wake up but stay in bed day dreaming.

Jonathan Charles
Focus A lovely atmospheric shot but unfortunately the eyes are slightly out of focus. You could disguise this by very gently blurring the zones which ARE exactly in focus, especially the hair at the edge of the face and in front of the shoulder.

Francois Gauthier
Portrait doux et songeur. Un très habile dosage de nu et d'expression.

Antonio Carrus
This is really a different nude, actually being a nude is not what catches my thoughts, but rather your girlfriend expression. Dreamy, as someone else said. Beautiful, and most of all, inspiring. Very well done!

Jasmine O'Brien
Tender A lovely tender expression, it's obvious how she feels about you. Interesting viewpoint as well.

Carl Smith
very nice nude here. Has character and personality, and isn't just a picture to say "look, I got a girl to take her clothes off"

Sharlene Gaenicke
a beautiful, soft portrait...

Allan Wind
Simply beautiful.

Bert Armijo
I love the expression and the simple lighting. Very nice work!

Carlos Santos
Inspiring Innocent and beautiful

Thierry Burlot
Vos portraits sont superbes. mention special pour celui ci qui me touche beaucoup. simple, efficace, belle lumière, expression irrésistible. BTW merci pour la visite.

Ray Black
Evocative, not provocative

Amar Khoday
Another terrific expression. A somewhat faraway look.

Hugh Sihwa
Well seen

You saw and captured the moment well

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